June 2nd – day 2 – dive 2 (1st skin dive of season!)

Time: 2:30 pm
Vis: 30 feet
Water temp: 80
Air temp 92
Slight cloud cover. Current to the pier, milder than morning
High tide was around noon
skin dive – no suit

Just had a quite bite and a couple adult tasty beverages. Hitting the water for dive 2 if the trip. 1st skin dive of the season. Water seemed fine this morning so I took 6 pounds out of my BCD and dropped the suit. FREEDOM!!! We came with 4 tanks so my ever-planning husband has already switched the tanks over and we are ready to go. Equipment set up so much easier this time. Took everything to the benches. Strapped up and headed to the beach. Took only about 15 minuted to get in and get under the water. Took about 40 minutes first dive so we have some sort of system going on. Left my flipflops on the beach and the sand was hot. That could be why I was in so quick.

We descended in same area but this time we decided to start right out on the second reef while we were fresh. We beelined it straight out at 90 degrees. Nice fill tanks at 3300 so we expected a super dive! Out on the second reef we decided to head 180 degrees to the right and check the reef out in full. There were crazy big angelfish. Very elegant looking in schools of 4-6. Nipping away at the coral for goodies. I saw alot of little colorful reef fish. Maybe someone could comment on what the bright blue and white striped and dotted little fish were. Sort of like tangs but I haven’t seen these markings before.
Saw some grey angelfish, huge again and also some rock beautys. I think I saw some Royal Gramma as well. Small little yellow and purple colorful critters.
Corals are gorgeous. lots of seafans…huge 2-3 feet ones. Brain corals and staghorns. I noticed quite a few staghorns broken off recently. Not sure what is going on with that. Lots of baby brain corals starting to grow. Even on the edges of the boneyard( area before second reef) Shows promise and I would definately check it out again in a few years to see the improvements to the reef. Tons of Christmas tree Worms of all sizes, some as large as 4-5 inches. Saw quite a few cute little banded coral shrimp and 4 or 5 spiny tails.

We hung out on this reef till about 1000 psi and headed back into the cheese. I have to say I prefer the cheese area to the first reef. Ist reef is smaller coral and alot of dead broken coral. More crustaceans and less fish.
Headed in and hit the beach. Easier getting out this time and I did not topple over! Yeah!

A quick comment on the water temp. I did fine without a suit but the water was a bit chilly in patches out on the second reef. Perfectly fine in the cheese and first reef but definately a bit chilly on the flipside.

It was quite cloudy and looks like storms a brewing so we headed up quick. No lighting for me with the tank on my back! Just about happy hour anyway. This was last dive for the day due to the weather. Afternoon showers, lightning and clouds again.

Stay tuned for dive 3 tomorrow!

We had cocktails on the balcony till about 7:30 and then decided to head down to Rick’s Italian. Absolutely fabulous food. The mussels of the were super clean, fresh and melted in your mouth. Shared between the two of us witho a basket of fresh baked garlic bread. Chunks of fresh garlic everywhere. I had fresh carbonara and Rich had fettucine alfredo. Food was just what we needed and we even had a nice little box for each of us to have in between tomorrow’s dives. Prices were reasonably and service was good. Waitress was a little abrupt disappearing when meal was towards the end. I like to have a coffee after but all in all it was good.


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  1. Joe says:

    I’m cocoajoe on SB you responded to. Just stopped by to say hi and thanks for taking time to do a dive blog. Maybe the only one around??? Being a fairly new diver, I’m eager to read just about anything scuba related.


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