June 3rd – Dive 1 – 7:30 am

Time: 7:30 pm
Vis: 25 feet
Water temp: 80
Air temp 90
Clear skies, good current to the pier
High tide will be around 12:20pm
3 mil suit

We hit the water really early today. Figured after the storm last night the water would be calm and vis good. I was a little shocked while the water was extremely flat getting in when you descended there was quite a bit of current to the pier and also on the cheese there was a good little surge going on.

Our plan for today was to head south along the second reef all the way out till about 2000 psi and then high tail it into the cheese to have some fun. Deciding to head back into shore about 500 psi at a slow enjoyable pace.

So we swam out quick to the second reef. As I said above, the vis was not a good as yesterday. Silt and murky. We explored the second reef for quite a while and checked in all the nook and crannies and along the edges. Not a shark to be had. Saw quite a few flounder and some small rays. There were some massive schools of baby feeder fish everywhere. We decidied to head into the cheese and swim around. The fish were everywhere. We saw blue, grey and french angelfish. We were fortunate enpough to swim with a school of over 100 blue angelfish. My husband had not seen anything like this before so we stuck around. They were in the cheese area near the big coral boulders. Tons of feeder fish and even a couple of large grey angelfish over 12″ in size. Gorgeous creatures. So elegant and graceful! Saw a nice sized black grouper and plenty of triggerfish of all sizes. Not a baracuda or shark to be had anywhere. We saw a few hogfish from juvies to adults and I think I saw a rock seabass but still checking up in that one.
I saw a couple of what looked like stone fish but I am not sure they are in this area and with them being poisonous I did not want ot get too close. They are pretty plentiful in this area. I saw about 1/2 dozen on my 3 day trip here of different size and in different areas.

We stayed on the cheese till about 700 psi and then headed in till 50o psi and hung around till 300 psi. I know the rules but honestly it is so close to shore and only about 15 feet at this point so not much danger. We surfaced with about 100 psi. Rich was freaking a bit but as I said you are only in about 10 feet of water. I guess I feel if you can’t handle it in 10 feet of water, why are you scuba diving. LOL. Just joking.

This summer is going to be about pushing our limits and finding our groove. Hubby feels safer coming up with 300 but as he goes thru his air quicker, I end up with 700 when he does this. Waste of air to me.

Total down time just under 2 hours.
Weather looks great so we are going to head back for leftovers and a beer and hit the water in about n hour again.

FYI, a couple of divers hitting the water as we were packing up. We had the water to ourselves early. No other divers in site.

more later


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