Equipment I use

I thought it would be a good idea to let you all know what I use. Coming from a padi certification I know there are certain “rules” or guidelines they give you. To be perfectly honest folks…I am not really a rules kinda person. I think as long as you are enjoying the beautiful blue sea and passing that love on, that is what scuba is all about. Thankfully I have a great husband who is OCD about taking care of the equipment and cleaning it. Definately not my forte but I am ever so thankful to have him. And I will continue to bring him as many Cervezas while he is doing it. With that said…
I am partial to Scuba Pro major equipment. I feel confident in the safety factors and we have our BCD’s and regs serviced yearly at our LDS (local dive shop).

Bella BCD
Has a brand new and SCUBAPRO-exclusive wraparound air bladder, which retains its cradle-like shape even when fully inflated.

•Contoured hip indents
•Monprene pads in shoulder area result in substantially enhanced topside comfort when gearing up for dives
•Front-adjustable design with rotating quick-release shoulder buckles
•Soft neoprene neck and padded backpack for optimum comfort
•Zippered cargo pockets and convenient accessory D-rings

So that is what scubapro has to say. I like the Bella cuz it is shaped for a woman and
it has weight pockets all around and an integrated weight system.

MK25/g250 regulator system

Benefits are first stage piston technology and unfailing second stage performance. G250 is SCUBAPRO’s ultra classic air-balanced second stage, reliable even in the roughest conditions. Diver adjustable VIVA and inhalation control allow for personal setting of breathing comfort.
I like this reg, easy to use, reliable and unfailing. All super important to me in what I feel is the most important piece of equipment you need.
Hubby is the equipment researcher. He spends hours and hours looking up different equipment. Watching for the newest and reading reviews. He says this one was the way to go, so I did and I am glad!

Scubapro Spectra Mask – I like the easy clearing and fit. I tried many masks on but have a smaller face and have a hard time getting a good fit. I also like the max visibitlity, I use my periphs a lot and like to see everything around me. Plus it is a bright blue!

Scuba pro snorkel – but alot of times when shore diving I skip it if it is calm as it gets stuck in my long hair too much.

Suit – when I use it I have a 3mil pinaccle. I like scubapro but I find there sizes run small for skinny little petite things.

Gloves– yellow pinnacle

If super cold, I have a pinacle head thingy, 3 mil

I use a tie die scuba do-rag occasionally if water is choppy.

Fins– against advice from my divemaster I use full foot fins. No boots, volo racers, yellow.

My gear cleaner...fabulous Richard!

The Dunk Tank

Added a sealife camera with wide angle but just lost the wide angle.  Also added a BIG light and a BOGG Bag which stays in the jeep.

Use gloves and hoodie when cold

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