June 3rd – Dive 3 – Skindive

Time: 3:00 pm
Vis: 27 feet decreased vis, storms a brewing.
Water temp: 82
Air temp 98
Clear skies, milder current to the pier than this am
High tide just passed 12:20pm
Skindive – no wetsuit

Dive plan is to romp around the cheese for most of the dive.

It paid off to head to the cheese. I got way more adventurous, took out the light and sarting snooping around all of the holes. It paid off because within 5 minutes I saw this gorgeous looking Dooney Burke handbag. Just joking. I saw a fabulous flipper, Big beautiful tortoise shell flipper. I started the underwater dance to get my husbands attention. Hey Mister, look over here! I am tang dinking and all. he finally come over and I show him. The front foot was a goos 4-5″ wide and about 16″ I saw. Rich gets very adventurous and puts his face and mask right down on the top of the hole. Mister Turtle is just hanging out. He motions me over and lordy lordy this guy was a big beauty! Must have been at least 3 foot long and 2 1/2 foot around. BIG GUY!!! We watched and observed him for about 10 minutes. He was the best looking ,celanest, brightest marked turtle I have ever seen. He looked super healthy and very happy. Made my whole day! He was right smack dab in the middle of the cheese heading towards the pier.
Next up we continued north towards the pier and I spotted a nice spiny lobster, definately eating size. Just joking. I know the rules, not lobster season. Anyway, I start tank dinging to get Richard’s attention, he comes over and tries to take credit as when I turn around there are suddenly two big lobster that I thought wree fighting but hubby says later they were mating. Stupid me! We watched the little dance for about 5 minutes and headed back south along he cheese as the cheese was getting smaller.
Comfort level was really high for both of us even though it was the third dive of the day, 5th of the trip. We knew the area pretty well by now and just meandered around as we pleased. I thought, does life get any better than spending 6 hours underwater a day! We are both exhuberant and I have thoughts of maybe we will see s shark. Didn’ happen. Dang it!

Anyway I am down to 500 psi, Rich 700 and he heads in. Been a long day and it he is worried about afternoon storms and fighting the current not fresh. He is a trooper and I love him. Very thankful he chose to do this hobby with me. But I stick around a bit longer around the first reef to spot some little goodies. The usual finds, small reef fish, plenty of baby spotted drums and the nudibranchs. Interesting little guys. I head in and we decide to swim around in the pool, stay another night and get an early morning dive in.
This started as a one night trip and it has turned into three. Total underwater time today 5 hours 40 minutes. Life is good!

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4 Responses to June 3rd – Dive 3 – Skindive

  1. Joe says:

    You keep talking about ‘cheese’. Other than the normal meaning, what are you talking about?


    • stay tuned today as I am going to post the map of the area. It the middle section of reef named “the cheese” It has big hoels in it like swiss cheese all over. Distinctly different than the 1st and second reef and is found between the two.

  2. Candice Davis says:

    During my October 2010 LBTS-Datura Ave dive, I saw a turtle only as it was swimming away from me and Jim. Wonder if it was the same one?! Neat to contemplate.

    • We have seen a ton of different turtles. You have to be a bit patient and I found around 4pm or early morning to be the past for spotting them. Absolutely beautiful creatures!

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