June 4th – Day 3 – 6th dive

Time: 8:00 am
Vis: 30 feet
Water temp: 80
Air temp 88
Clear skies, very flat. Small current to the pier
High tide coming up 12:30
3 mil wetsuit

Well this is the last dive for the trip. We will be heading back around noon. Taking the leisurely A1A path.

We hit the water early. Very flat after last nights storm. Probably the easiest entry. We met a few other divers and snorkelers with the same thing in mind. Easy entry today and we were under in less than 15 minutes of suitup. We had thoughts of heading out to the 2nd reef (about 150ft off shore). everyone else headed to the North 2nd reef. I motioned to go that way and he took out his slate and told me to stick with it. We swam to the south along the first reef. It was pretty silted up and I was not all that impressed so we decided to head back to the cheese. Did I say I REALLY LIKE THE CHEESE AREA?
We saw so much variety and color of fish. I would say this was my favorite dive. Wait a minute, I know you are thinking what about yesterday with the turtle? Be patient…
We swam around the larger boulder corals and the ledge areas of the cheese. We saw a school of about 150-200 blue tangAbsolutely incredible. Very fast but ever so graceful. I also spotted a lizard fish in this area and a stone fish. All in about a 10 foot area. There were thousands of tiny baby fish. This is probably why there were so many larger fish around. Damsel fish, butterfly fish, french angels, snappers and even a grouper floated by. I again saw quite a few christmas trees and 3 or 4 worms. I even got Richard to slow down and start exploring the holes. I was on the hunt for a nurse shark or a turtle again. A diver on our last dive yesterday stated that she had seen a nurse shark in the area. We headed further south, probably about 10 minutes or so. There was a slight surge and the viz was probably down to 25 feet or so. I spotted something out of my periphs. It looked pretty big and was moving fast so I kicked my little fins and took off. Dinging by tank dinger to get Rich’s attention and hoping that he was following me. It was a large Sea Turtle. A little bigger than yesterday. probably 2/3’s of Richard’s length. The colorings were not as nice as the one yesterday but he was the only turtle I have ever been blessed to see that take straight off. This guy let us swim with him for about 15-20 minutes. I took one the left side and just slowly swam next to him. Richard was afraid to scare him off so he took the right side and hung back a bit. The little guy (or gal) kept turning around to look at me. Almost like he was saying, come on lady what you waiting for. We swam out over 100 foot. As you head further south along the cheese it spreads out more and has broken little areas of new and old coral trying to connect with the second reef. Did I say this turtle was AWESOME!!! Thanks Mr. Surfer Dude for sharing your morning with us. He nipped at the sea grass and algae on the corals as he swam around. The highlight of my trip. How apt that it was the last dive. I was down to around 900 psi so we started back North. I am sure we were a couple blocks south of Datura Ave by now. We swam at about 0 degrees back towards the pier for about 10 minutes and then adjusted to 310 to start at an angle back to shore. I ended up with 500 psi at Hibiscus. Rich was lower so he headed out and I swam around the ballasts and front of the first reef. It was good timing because as I came up, he was heading back to help me out of the water.

All in all, this was a wonderful trip. There are afternoon showers just about every day. thunderclapping, lightning showers so time your happy hour or siesta around 3-4 till it is over. Everything is within a short couple blocks walk so you can enjoy the adult tasty beverages in the evening without driving. This was a four thumbs up trip…2 from me and 2 from Rich. Good dives, good food and good peeps we met.

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