Lizard fish

Lizard Fish – Also known as the Sand Pike. The Lizard fish is found both inshore and offshore but both are different species. The offshore type are smaller. They are found throughout Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The inshore Lizard fish is coastal. The inshore Lizard Fish is larger than it’s counterpart and is usually 15 to 16 inches in length. World Record is 2 lbs.
Inshore lizardfish are brown in color, with a row of white spots down the upperside and a row of brown spots down the side. They are round in cross-section and very slender. They have very pointed heads and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Eight species of lizardfish occur in the Gulf of Mexico. Lizardfish are voracious predators that feed by lying on or partially buried in the bottom and darting upward to grab their prey.
There are no fishing limits or restrictions on this. It is very bony and from what I here is not very good eating.

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