Stonefish -The Stonefish or Synanceia Verrucosa can almost look invisible against coral and rocks. This makes this saltwater fish very hard to spot. Unfortunately for humans and other creatures, this camouflage can kill. Their poison coming from the 13 spines on its dorsal area which release venom from two sacs. This venom causes severe pain with possible shock, paralysis and tissue death depending on the depth of the penetration. It even can be fatal if not treated within 2-3 hours. I have seen these as large as 16″
If you gte bit by one, a firm bandage should be applied as soon as possible. Immediately run the wound under hot water at least 43 degree Celsius (109 Fahrenheit). As you can imagine people are most often stung when they step on a Stonefish, so be sure to tread lightly and keep your eyes open!


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2 Responses to Stonefish

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  2. Candice Davis says:

    Interesting! I would have guessed that fish was a scorpionfish… I saw one in the Gulf of Mexico during an October 2010 dive. I guess I need to spend some time with my DeLoach/Humann book!

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