Dania Ero Jacks shore diving

Ok so I am seriously jonesing for another dive excursion. As stated previously I have a football teen and the summer practices started early this year. One camp this weekend so I am stuck covering the shop and now a possible lineman camp again next weekend.

Decided today June 24th…it is going to be Dania beach tomorrow. 1 day trip have to be back to cart the kid to football camp. Vis is supposed to be good with baby waves. So going to head to John Lloyd park and check out the Ero Jacks (short for erosion jacks not Euro as european jacks). This is a state park so gonna break out the already paid for state park pass. Oh yea and this week hubby gifted me a new Wellington 100 steel tank. Less weights and more down time. Win Win. Look for the write up Sat am.

Sunrise 6:29 am High 8:31 pm 2.85 ft.
Sunset 8:16 pm Low 2:04 pm -0.33 ft.

We expect to be in the water by 9am!

Map of park below.
6503 Ocean Drive
Dania Beach, Florida

For those interested in the underwater beauty of South Florida, Lloyd Beach has one of the easiest and interesting shore dives in the area. You can follow the submerged Eurojacks to the first reef. This allows snorkelers and divers to see a vast array of sealife including tropical and sport fish, sharks and Florida lobster.

There are two areas to dive in Dania Beach. The most popular is off of J.U Lloyd state park and known as the Erojacks. The Erojacks were put in to control beach erosion and have become a popular artificial reef dive site. Angel fish, parrot fish, nurse shark, lobster are permanent residents and snook, tarpon and turtles are occasionally seen. The jacks look like the ones used in the children’s game except they are made out of concrete and are four ft high. They are stacked and run from about 100 yds offshore to the first reef line. Directions: Dania Beach is about 5 miles south of Ft Lauderdale. Take Dania Beach Blvd East to the end and follow directions to J U Lloyd Park. Park at the first lot. The Erojacks are located directly offshore of the 2-3 jacks that are sitting on the beach. There are usually boats and divers on the site. It runs east-west. The second area is the south end of the public beach, marked dive area. There are several reef spots along the first rock ledge. Line up with the center line of the first condo and swim east to the ledge. There is a nice little reef on the east side of the ledge at this point.

So feel free to join us, look for the shiny new tanks:)

Quick update the coast from Pepper Park to Dania Beach were a no go yesterday for shore diving. Will post more with pics later today.

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2 Responses to Dania Ero Jacks shore diving

  1. Danielle says:

    Ok a quick update for today sent to you via my crackberry. Stopped ar pepper park on way. Viz is crap with good size waves. Diverdeb has given me a heads up that Dania cam looks rough so heading to LBTS. Post more tomorrow.

  2. Candice Davis says:

    I heard about EroJacks when I was down in Hollywood in October, but I don’t think anyone explained where the “ero” came from… I was thinking it was “euro” for some unknown reason until I read this blog entry. Thanks for educating me!

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