Diving at Datura great again today!

So today started a bit bad for us. Screwy teen of ours left in charge of our store, car breaks down. Hubby was hell bent on heading home…and yes we packed up and got on 95… Came to his senses and we headed back to LBTS. Didn’t get a dive in till 4 but it was great.
Storm had cleared out all the other divers. There were a ton today. I would have to say at least 25 we saw unload and gear up before 11 am. But when we hit the water not one left thanks to the black clouds.
Well we saw a nice little turtle and swam behind him for a while. He was in the barren stretch between cheese and second reef feeding on the algae from yesterdays green water. I thought take me to your lair my friend. Lol. We followed him out to the edge of second reef. Swam around a bit. Nice little surge which was kinda fun to play in. Rich’s first and he enjoyed it. Tons of angel fish of four varieties. Lots of little color reef fish. Damsels, spotted drums, big schools of fish with 100 plus in them. Saw a decent 3 foot tarpon and some pompanos.
Tons of bugs all paired up having fun. That’s lobster for you newbies. Big 10 pounder at least. Too bad it’s not season.
Good dive all in all
Steel tanks are a winner. Dropped another 4 pounds today. Total of 6 less. Thanks for the gift Rich. Bottom time 1 hour 45 minutes. Came up with 500 psi left. Bit nervous after running out of air yesterday. Wake up call for me. Broke a nail trying to hold onto hubby getting up the damn ledge.
Plan is to be in by 730 am tomorrow and beat ther crowd.
Time for adult tasty bevs and did I mention I could eat a horse?

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2 Responses to Diving at Datura great again today!

  1. Joe says:

    Where is Datura?

  2. Datura Ave is in Lauderdale by the Sea. Take 95 to exit 33 Commercial Ave. Head East till you get to town about 2-3 miles. If you need tank fill Gold Coast Scuba is on the left in strip mall after draw bridge You’ll see the pier and some cute little shops. Gas station on right corner. Turn right. Go 1 block. Turn left onto Datura Ave. You’ll see Santa Barbara in on left side if you are looking for a place to stay. Datura drop off is straight ahead. It is meter parking 5 or 6 spots. Get there early on weekends. There is about 6 more meter spots on main road. Or stay at Santa Barbara Inn for easy access. Look at my write up about them under diver discounts. We just left and won’t be back for a couple weeks due to business trip. Have fun and let me know if you have any other questions

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