Darkfin gloves review

Cool darkfin GlovesMy husband is a member of scubaboard and last year Roy McKinney was pimping new darkfin gloves to try. They are a webbed glove that has no stitching or glue on them. He is always up for something new so he said to send a pair.

He never used them becasue he doesn’t use gloves. Funny thing, I skin dive but use gloves. He always has a suit on but no gloves. Humorous to me. Anyway…

I pulled them out Fourth of July for my shore dives off LBTS.

Here’s what their website has to say:

•With 12 sizes to choose from and the new contoured shape Darkfin gloves fit great! These gloves are so comfortable you forget you have them on, that is until you really need to move, then you’ll notice.
•This glove is tough as barnacles and with a little care it might outlast your wet suit.
•Made from natural latex rubber Darkfin gloves are ultra light and won’t absorb water and get heavy.
•Darkfin’s exclusive cotton flocked surface means better grip, better grip is a good thing when you’re handling a speargun or climbing the ladder to your boat.
•Easy to care for, just rinse them off and throw them back in the original UV protective bag.
•The rear web design is an incredible new feature that only Darkfin gloves have. This 3 dimensional surface area in the palm of your hand is huge and that increase in surface drag means outstanding propulsion.

The rear web feature also means there’s no web to get in the way. Your hands are free to regulate your tanks, use your knife, spear gun or whatever. The dexterity is excellent.

Here’s what I thought:
I liked them overall. They looked cool and made me feel like a super hero. How does Scuba Mama sound? It’s the little things for me. They took up the same space in my BCD pocket. I had no problem inflating or deflating. I even adjusted my mask tighter with them on. They aren’t stiff like a wetsuit. And don’t take any time to get them on.

1. I found them thinner than regular gloves. I had no issue clipping anyhting, adjusting straps, opening zippers on my BCD or using flashlight.
2. I found it easier with the added propulsion getting back into shore as i used them on a shore dive.
3. They have a bumpy surfer and I would think this would be a good anti slip benefit when using spearfish, camera or getting back on a boat.

1. Limits hand signals and PSI checks.
2. Only come in black – how about pink, yellow or teal for us fashion conscious divers?

Really, I liked them and it was nice to try something new out in it’s initial phase. I will put a good word in with our LDS. They will probably think I am nuts, very old school.

I know some of you may read this and say “You aren’t supposed to touch or use your hands” I will refer you back to my previous posts…not really a rules person….Rules for one don’t always apply to another. I love the water. I am convinced I could have been a mermaid in another life. I have always used slight arm movements when snorkeling.
There were some comments made about extra air consumption on scubaboard. I did not find it an issue at all. I have 80 steel tank and hubby has 120. I ended up with more than him.

Thanks again to Roy for sending these. If you would like to see what others have to say, look it up on Scubaboard or visit darkfingloves.com They retail for $25.

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3 Responses to Darkfin gloves review

  1. Dont have one :3 says:

    So are they really comfortable, they seem a bit tight fitting to me, what’s your opinion?

    • I liked them and they are an effective way to navigate quicker. I will note that I am a 40ish woman, larger hands. What i would note is to make sure you dry them out correctly after using them.

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