Viz update for Vero Beach this weekend

I just got a quick email viz update.
Viz was reported to be 5-10 feet off the beach in Vero this morning and most likely is still good offshore. The water was warmer, at least off the beach. The forecast is calling for a continuation of our current conditions through Saturday morning. Sometime Saturday, a 2-3 foot swell from the newly-regenerated Colin will kick in through Monday, so the best time to hit the water will be midnight tonight through Friday. However, the swell is forecasted to be significantly smaller from Ft. Pierce south, possibly only waist high Sat-Sunday, so the further south you can go, the better. After Monday the seas will subside.

Just checked out Fort Lauderdale live weather cam. Looks calm! I have also updated Deerfield south conditions out till tuesday, check out the previous post.This picture was from 8:30pm Thursday.

So it is looking pretty good tomorrow and as I am heading south, good for the weekend!
Happy hunting to everyone. I will be sure to post my favorite lobster ceviche recipe after I get back. Going to try some conch as well!

If I get some time, I will shoot some pics of my little friends before they hit my stomach:)

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