Caught my first lobster! Meet Albert…

Yeah, went in the water yesterday at Lauderdale by the Sea about 9am and decided to swim around down south a bit more as we had seen quite a few lobster there in early dives this weekend. We were disappointed a tad as all the many lobster we saw 4th of July weekend were gone and probably sitting in someone’s freezer or stomachs as I type this. Lesson learned, must schedule for mini season in advance next year. Off Datura it seems like most of the divers stay up by the pier. There are big barrel like coral rocks that are hollow inside and we always seem to find some bugs in those. Anyway, we had some practice and while we caught about 4 critters too a couple millimeters too small, we let them go free.
Hubby invested in a new tickle stick, (sounds naughty…doesn’t it?) 2 lobster catching poles, a trident bag to hold our catch, 2 small nets and 3 bright yellow gauges. So all three of us could be legal. We also each purchased our fish and wildlife licenses with the crawfish license added. $23 each times 3. So we are all good for the year.
I was getting a bit perturbed and disappointed. I know…you are thinking spoiled brat. But really, all I wanted was an all you can eat lobster dinner. WHAHH!
Rich and I were getting a system down and felt pretty comfortable. I took the dive flag and he would poke while I held the net over any backholes so the lobster couldn’t get away. My first lobster experience up close and personal was down right scary. The little bugger went hightailing it backwards on his tail like some alien out of the movies. I know those of you who catch lobster all the time are probably laughing but think about that first experience. Those damn things fly so fast hopping on that tail backwards. Everyone I talked to told me but until you see it first hand, you don’t quite picture it the way it happens. This guy hightailed it about 20 feet backwards over a couple rocks and coral and ended up going where we couldn’t get to him. really, he hops super fast springing away from you…all backwards. I was laughing my A$% off after the initial shock wore off. They have all these little legs and move fast with their tail.
Well, lesson oneCover the back escape hole. He is going to shoot back.
So we continue on along and low and behold we find another one. We poke, prod and finesse him into the net. Not a prettty site but I do my little happy circle dance in the water. Yeah we got one. Pull out the gauge and CRAP it is about 2-3 millimeters to small. DANG DANG DANG.
We continued the dive, bottom time 2 hours 15 minutes…love those steel tanks. No keepers.
It was not until our Sunday am dive we got a keeper. I was heading back from our morning dive, heading North towards pier on cheese area and I saw these nice long pointy antennaes waving at me, saying “Here I am, ready for dinner” Rich grabbed the net and we scooped him up with our hands. He was huge! A good 1/2″ bigger than needed.
I will tell you that once you catch a keeper and we had some shells in our bag, the drag slows you down a big on the swim back in and uses your air quicker. The gauge was simple to use. The net was pretty easy to get the hand of. I thought the tickle stick was a waste of space but I guess I will persevere and see if it proves to be of use in ledge situations. We got a lobster grabber thing. Not sure what it’s called. Stick with a noose on the end. Only used that to poke him out. I had read that you can tap the lobster om the head and use his natural abilities to shoot him into your bag or net. Didn’t really work for me.
So anyway, I was elated to have something for dinner. Check the pics out below!

Dinner ala Albert. Boiled, with lots of butter and a side of Kingfish and mango.


Step away from the lobster before someone gets hurt!

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