LBTS 8/6 – 8/9/2010

Went to a faorite spot of ours off Datura Ave in Lauderdale by the Sea.
# of dives: 6
Average Water Temp: 88 degrees
Stayed Where: Santa Barbara Inn
Dive Location: Datura Ave – Hibiscus Ave – Palm Ave

I am going to split the dives up and tell you the dive plan and what we spotted, experienced or caught.

    Dive 1 friday 8/6/2010

Current to the North towards Pier.
less han 1 foot chop. East swim out to buoys.
Highlights: Spotted Eagle ray
Lobster report: Zero spotted, Zero caught
Time: 3:30

We headed out to the cheese area, which is the first real area after the rubble reef. The first thing I noticed was there was a ton of fish. We saw dozens of angel fish. All three varieties. They were super friendly and let you swim and hang out right near them. We decided the head out to the first reef and we spotted an eagle ray as we headed out at 90 degree reading. I would say he was around 3 foot wing span. Pretty, vibrant markings.
I have to say, it was great being back in the water wiht my little fishy friends after a 4 week dive break. We swam out to the first reef. I thought water was a bit green on the swim out. The first reef visibility wasn’t as good as the cheese area so we aborted and decided to cruise around the cheese some more.
We headed south at 180 degrees and ended up swimming down by Palm Ave. Zero lobsters. We saw some body remains and lots of little legs on the bottom. Turtles must have been having a feast because there were 2 or 3 sucked clean.
We headed to the hotel and decided to just do one dive and get a super early start. Cocktails on the patio, dip in the pool and, as usual, tanks refilled from Gold Coast Scuba. We have a little routine, load tanks, drop off at Gold Coast. head back to Santa Barbara Inn for drinks and pool time. then go back to Gold Coast Scuba an hour later. Pick up tanks. If we are doing another dive we head staright back in. So in this case, we got the gear ready for the am.
We decided to go to Nicks Italian place. Awesome mussels of the day and the fettucine Alfredo was great as usual. Server was checked out for a bit. It makes no sense to me, why they do not check back when food is brought by someone else. But that is the old waitress in me. Food was gorgeous so they get by on that with me. Always enough for leftovers.


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