Hitting the water again soon!

I have been out of the water for 4 months now due to having a retail store through the holidays and the chilly water in Florida. I have called around and done some research and water temps are picking up a bit. Still about 72-75 at Blue Heron and Lauderdale by the Sea. I am thinking about switching the days off this week to try to get an overnighter in LBTS but if not looks like I may head to that area when Brandon is on Spring break last week in March. I am SOOOOO excited! Going to hit Datura, comfort zone there for hubby to get his fins wet again. I am looking into checking out a few new places to stay this year to broaden our horizons. If you have someplace to recommend, let me know. And yes, we will get a last few dives in on Lobster season!

Trying to talk Rich into going tomorrow(3/20) to Pepper Park or Bathtub. Looking for conditions as we speak. Deep Six in Vero is quoting 8-12 feet viz with sporadic chop for off beach diving.

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  1. mary elzey says:

    Hi Danielle – Love your blog. My husband and I are both divers (very new to it) and also in our fabulous 40s. We got certified in Grand Cayman and we’ve also been diving in the USVI and BVIs. So I think we might be spoiled…Anyway, my parents live in S. Fla. (Naples) and we are planning a trip in March. They’ve offered to watch our son so that we can go dive somewhere. The question is where…if you had one day to dive in S. Fla where would it be? Is diving better on the Naples / Marco side or closer to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale? Or the Keys? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • pros and cons of each..
      Keys, fabulous reef diving, needs to do boat dives, not really good shore dives unless you are just into checking the mangrove habitats out which is shallow and can be done snorkeling. Long drive, to get to bottom. Cost of stay is a bit pricier than other places, do your research for good boat dive ops or let me know and we can recommend someone.
      Naples, Marco west side of Florida:
      good for shark tooth diving, not really great reefs to see for short trips, mostly boat dives. I personally like to chill out there but not dive there, not enough color for me
      Lauderdale, Pompano, Deerfield, Dania area:
      Fabulous shore diving, can do three tanks in a day offshore walking into ocean. Lauderdale by the Sea is my favorite shore diving place. Good downtown area for eats and drinks. I can give your three god places to stay there. New biorock project. It is about a 100 yard swim to first rubble reef. There are three separate reef areas. We swim out almost 1/2 mile on some of our dives. We have seen 5 types of shark, loads of turtles, almost a daily thing, lobsters hide in reef that you can take and plenty of variety of fish. Easy access in, friendly people and you can save the boat fees ( more for tasty adult beverages. I recommend Gold Coadt Scuba off commercial ave, check my blog for info. Good people, work for longterm customers not the quick sale. Tank fills reasonable. We drop tanks off, eat and pick up in hour and go back in water.
      Hope this helps!
      I love seeing couple dive together. We have a motto, those who dive together, stay together:)
      Stay runed for blowing bubbles tv. I will be adding videos of all dives in future.

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