Basic Facts about Corn Islands

Fifty miles northeast of the Atlantic Coast city of Bluefields, lies the Corn Islands(Las Islas del Maíz). A little forgotten bit of paradise that has not been over commercialized. There are two Islands with about 5 square miles between them. The larger being Big Corn at 3.3 miles with a population in 2009 of 6,626 and the smaller being Little Corn Island at 1.1 square miles with a population of 1200 people. The islanders are English-speaking Creole people of mixed black heritage. In the 17th century, both islands were a haven for pirates and buccaneers and supposedly there are untold numbers of shipwrecks and treasures still lay scattered along the turquoise shores of The Corn Islands. “Islanders” are very proud of their distinct heritage do not like to not to be confused with the “Spaniards” from mainland Nicaragua! In recent years, there has been an influx of Mestizos from the Pacific side of Nica. The people of the Corn islands are considered “Islanders” and are descendant from the original British settlers. Some of the family surnames predominant on the island today are: Quinn, Downs, Morgan( yes Captain Morgan!), Campbell, Taylor, Forbes, Nickolson & Bowden. English is spoken here as well as Spanish and Miskito. I had no issue with the limited Spanish I can speak. Average year-round temperature is 85 degrees with fresh Easterly breezes. Many visitors find it unnecessary to have air conditioning when staying at hotels on the windward side of either island. US Dollars are accepted everywhere on The Corn Islands. Please note: if your dollar bill has even the slightest rip or is defaced in any way, such as having some writing on it, it will not be accepted. Check all of your bills before you travel. Bring lots of 1’s and $5’s. I called my bank ahead and had them have $100 crisp ones ready for me and $200 in fives. You will find a couple of ATM’s on island but they don’t always work. There is internet access on both islands. I brought my laptop back in the days when I couldn’t leave it all behind. I would not bother if I went again. There are several places you can use computers and connect if you need to.
There were not any vaccinations required for us. I would highly recommend taking a lot insect repellent and immodium.

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  1. richard says:

    captain morgan was from cardiff wales as is your husband

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