Vero Beach Shore Diving, 8/15/11

We chose to dive the same site as yesterday at Rio Mar. Water was clearer today and I thought less of a current than previous. We still had an easy entry into water. There is a video cam right off Rio Mar which is nice to check. You can check them out at
This was an exciting dive! Rich spotted a 9foot black tip when we first got in the water. This is where the comedy show of the Lynch dive team take place. He is trying to signal shark with the fin on top of his head and I am thinking he means up because I only see 1 finger by his head. We are getting braver and swimming further apart as we get more comfortable under sea. I started heading up a few times and he dragged me down at which point I cottoned on there was a shark. We sat on the bottom for a few minutes and then got the hell out of there. Not being able to talk under water has it’s challenges. I got a little distance away and kept looking for lobsters in the overhangs. Rich is super skittish and tells me off a few times and tells me to get further away. This is where it is good I probably did not see the black tip or I would have been walking on water to get out. We see reef sharks and nurse sharks all the time. No big deal so I thought that was what he saw.
There were alot of little tiny crabs(babies) floating around and a ton of small nudibranchs that were trying to find a new home.
We finally settle down and it was all about the lobster. We saw alot, some legal, some not. We saw a couple big ones and just couldn’t get to them. We have been working with the net and tickle stick but have come to realize that here we have to master the lasso thing. Deep six has this extended lasso they sell for about $50 that we are gonna have to get. Some of these holes go way back where you just can’t get the lobster with traditional equipment. My lights was also not working at end of dive yesterday so I have to get a new ones of those. Not very happy with the Innova. I haven’t had it 2 years and it was rusting and the lights switch ended up falling off. It was supposed to be a stainless steel gem. I have my eye on one at Deep Six.
Anyway, we had pleasant long dive about 2 hours 30 minutes and I ended up with about 1000psi leftover. We landed on shore a little North to Rio Mar where there are some small reef rocks and I spotted a 4 foot nurse shark in one of the grooves. I swam in to Rich and told him I was going out to have another look. It is a bit rough in this area. Good current ripping through rocks and only about 7-8 feet of water. We came up to some tourists swimming around. Asked us a lot of the usual questions and we made sure we took our time educating them. My common belief is the more they know the more they will respect the reef and our oceans. A couple freaked out about the nurse shark but one swam out to have a look with his snorkel.
Well worth the afternoon off. We contemplated doing another dive later but opted for home and a few cocktails.
Oh, I forgot the highlight of this trip, FWC (Florida Wildlife) was waiting when we came up, well hiding actually down past the stairs as you headed for the car around the corner in the bushes. We thought it was funny. The young guy was pleasant enough. Asked for our licenses, which we had just renewed yesterday. It took a minute to get out from our waterproofs holders in BCD pocket. We chatted and made small talk. I asked the older guy what would have happened had we not been lobstering. He said in a jumped up Butthead manner, we would get you with intent. He then asked us a ton of questions about who was in water and about some floating boat that had three people with it. One group did not have a flag. They waited 15 minutes to see if anyone else was gonna come up. The young guy asked me where we were. He didn’t even know it was Rio Mar. While, I am happy that they are policing the lobster limits, there is no reason to be an ASSHOLE to divers just because you are part of the establishment.

Anyway lesson for today’s dive, be sure to have your lobster license on you at all times.

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