Shore diving (10-4-11) expected conditions

Do you ever feel like the God’s – especially Poseidon – are against you? I am beginning to think that is the case. Vero Beach shore diving conditions continue to be abysmal unless you are into 5-6″ viz. Waters have been calmer but there is still way to much sand and silt floating around.
I have Sunday and Monday off back to back. Second week in a row with 2 days off. I had expected good things with LBTS but am now seeing an hearing from Steve at Goldcoast that it has altered a bit. I see 2-4ft swells. Not too bad compared to what we have been seeing in Vero. Monday looks good at LBTS and from what I see conditions are looking flat and perfect for Weds and Thurs.
I also checked Jupiter, Delray, and Fort Pierce. I see nothing good about shore diving in Jupiter or Fort Pierce and Pepperpark before Weds.
As always, if I see things changing I will post.
I had just finished posting this when I received a high surf advisory till Sunday for Brevard, Indian, Volusia, St Lucie and Martin counties. High rips, watch sandbar currents, and beach erosion during high tides.
But as I said things are looking up late Sunday further south.
Perhaps I can coax Rich into driving down Sunday, relaxing and hitting the water early. Now I need to check the local deals.


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