Boogie Alert!

Let’s face it…sometimes scuba diving is not very gracious or ladylike. There is the classic snot in the mask, the undignified attempts at getting into the skinny wetsuit in cramped quarters, falling on your ass backwards as you try to hump it out of the water with a ledge on shore that wasn’t there when you walked in…and yes even the occasional giant booger hanging from your face when you take off the mask.
All of these have made me appear less than ladylike on several occasions but the Boogie Alert is the most common. You can always tell the newer divers because they are so dang uncomfortable when in the situation.
I dive with hubby Rich most times. He loves me and shows that all the time. Takes care of cleaning equipment more times than not and gives me a push up a ledge with the weight strapped to my back. Always gets the equipment checks done in a timely manner. Rich is the Boogie King. I would say that frequently I have to tell him about the critter hanging from his nose. Instead of the normal, Boogie Alert! I may try “Excuse me dear, but is that a baby eel hanging from your nose?” or “Hey, you are not supposed to take anything out of the water!” Doesn’t even phase him. I think he would not even check unless I said something. Really though, it has made me somewhat paranoid that I generally do a snot blow and dump my head in the water to make sure I am not about to have everyone point as I trample up the beach in my gear. Then I will even ask Rich “Am I all clear?” Most divers I have talked to have the occasional boogie lurking around after a dive. Divers all in all tend to be pretty laid back about this. And yes, having a snot check is socially accepted by diving society. Heck, we are so casual about snot that we even loogie into the mask to stop them from fogging up!
But now you are on a boat, with strangers. Would you tell them they had a critter hanging or would you wait for someone else to do it? Do you pretend you are wiping something away from your face and see if they cotton on, or should we just start a universal “BOOGIE ALERT! and everyone starts wiping noses? I think I am a let me wipe and see if they figure it out kinda girl. But I do immensely see the humour in shouting out BOOGIE ALERT! and watching everyone scramble to figure out if it is them.

Society however would probably shun us as a mass! As we all know, they look down on those that leave the critters for others to see or are seen to be playing with anything in the nose area. Heaven forbid, you are caught with a finger up the nose! It is not so much accepted in normal society simply due to the fact that most people don’t walk around with snot stuck to their face. So, I will admit, I am an occasional nose picker after a dive. Perhaps not out in the open on sandy shores but once we get to the car. Do what you have to and hopefully you won’t offend to many delicate senses.
Oh yeah and when you help a buddy out next time with “BOOGIE ALERT!” remember it ain’t no big thing!

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