Zero diving frustrating this gal!

Ok, It has been a hell of a last 6 weeks. Diving for shore conditions has been nonexistant in Vero Beach and everytime I have tried to schedule 2 days off to drive south, the weather does not cooperate. With that said, I am looking abroad to see what sort of winter breaks I may be able to get after the holidays. It is our big retail season and with the huge headaches a teenager brings, life is full of work and no play.
I will try to post about the information I find out on tropical locations as well as try to bring in some new posts about basic facts that can help in diving and snorkeling.
On a good note, as always, hubby and I have been underwater ambassadors. As we meet people and chat in both stores, we have been stimulating some big interest on our customers taking the plunge. As many of you know, we feel that when you educate the masses, it is better for our fishy friends. One customer’s son has recently been certfifed and he is full of questions. This brought to mind many of the things and issues that first frustrtaed us.
Look for Rich to do some quest posts as he is the equipment guru in our house.

How to clean a new mask
What are sea lice and how to prevent them
I have decided I am coming back as a seahorse
Sinus issues
additions to lionfish section
and more!

For all of you who are lucky enough to be diving further south, happy hunting!


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