Shore diving for this weekend! 1/21/12

As many of my fellow friends and divers have noticed I have been out of the water for a while. Do not like the cold or swamp water visibility. I am ecstatic to say that with the Merritt Island store closing for the move(down size for a few months to one store while new location is prepared) and my buying for the first part of the year done, I am able to start enjoying life as it was meant to be.
With that said, I have been checking viz reports for the last week. Kept my fingers crossed and this weekend looks to be fabulous for shore diving in Lauderdale area and even possibly Vero Beach and Pepper Park. Water temp is looking to be about 73 degrees and there is very little swell and wave action going on. Late Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday and Monday and up to late afternoon Tuesday are all looking good!
Road Trip!!! Staff has been scheduled at Scentsations and Saturday evening we are heading to one of our favorite lazy dive zones, Lauderdale by the Sea. I promised myself a dive camera for Christmas so am going to pick up the new mini igo or I have heard from Steve at Gold Coast scuba that he has some small Intova 9 pixels. I have been wanting to start documenting dives and trips, including favorite haunts and I think this would be a fabulous way to get started to see if I want to stick with it before outlaying all the costs associated with strobes and larger cameras.
I love shore diving and Lauderdale by the Sea has one of the easiest and exciting coral reefs close to shore. I am hoping to see some expansion in the growth of the staghorns on the far reef. Lobster season is still in full swing so it would be nice to bag a few. Last time we were in LDBS there were quite a few nurse sharks and black tips floating around and as always I would be thrilled to see those fabulous sea turtles. I am curious to see what the variety of macro life will be like with the cooler water temps. Tanks are filled and ready for an early morning dive!
So, my fellow Florida shore divers, break out the dive equipment and join us this weekend for some awesome local diving!

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