LDBS dive washout for the day (1/23/12)

Ok, we tried to hit the water about 1pm, headed down to Palm Ave two blocks up.  There is only one handicap spot there and a loading spot.  Be careful because there is a black unmarked cop that likes to sit right next to it getting  people at that stop sign. We unloaded quickly and Brandon drove the car back two blocks for us. 

The plan was to do a shore dive and start by diving straight out to second reef and take a ride up on the current heading North.  We set on down the beach and decided to put our  fins on at the water’s edge.  Waters were still choppy, perhaps 3 feet and breaking often.  did not  scare us off diviing though.  Rich and I set in and it was a rough entry.  I got almost to the breakers, backwards with the fins on and then had a wave knock me over and roll me about 6 times with gear on.  I persevered and got back up.  Went to my knees first and heard Rich say, put the reg in your mouth.  Did that, calmed down, and tried again.  NO FRIGGIN LUCK.  It was the last breakers on the edge.  If I could have gone down and out it may have worked but we were in only 3 feet of water when waves pulled back.  Kinda hard to get under.  Rich said lets’ call it and have cocktails.  It is now 4pm .  We had a lovely swim in the pool heated of course), luch at Burger Fi and now Brandon has headed off the the movies so we have a few hours to ourselves:)

Lets, talk Burger Fi, IMHO, over rated.  I love my grill at home and buy good quality meat.  I ordered a ultimate cheeseburger, Brandon a triple bacon burger and Rich had a couple chi cheese dogs and a side of fries.  For starters, my burger was a brisket double cheeseburger.  Didn’t really see much of the difference with a Wendy double.  It was all natural of course.  Had a good cheddar cheese on it.  Brandon’s burger was about 3inches tall.  Rich said his dogs were OK but nothing special.  The fries however were fabulous.  fresh, crisp and full of flavor.  All for  only $36.  IMHO, Keese’s across the street has better food and better prices.  The BurgerFi did have cool decor.  Meat packing hooks with lights on them and stainless steel tables and chairs plus some hitec new fangled coke machines.  It was funny watching customers try to figure out how to work it. 

It is pretty cloudy but wind seems to be dying down.  Perhaps tomorrow am will be good.  But for now, we are going to have adult time, cocktails and a little no kid time.

It still beats a day at work!

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