Rough seas today (1/23/12)

Just a quick update.  Rich and I got up early today to head out for early  am dive.  It is now 11am and we are still not in the water.  Swell report and magic seaweed both stated 1 ft seas but that is not the case.  We went over to beach at Datura this and and it was definitely rocking! Buoys closest to pier were tipped over to the north. The third one closest to the south was bent to the south. I would say seas were 4-5 feet and rolling. We grabbed a coffee and went for a drive. Lauderdale was even choppier and there were yellow flags everywhere. Not that that scares us but I could see serious rips close to shore. We headed further south to John Lloyd Park in Dania. Seas were the worse there. I would say 5-7 feet and rolling every 3-4 seconds. So we drove around a bit and headed back. Lauderdale on the way back was showing some yellow and purple flags for the jellys and in one area there was a red flag. Hit some of the cute little side downtowns but the old people must sleep late here. We were gonna go on a hunt for the perfect bloody mary but apparently nothing opens till 11 am. So I am looking at 11:04 as I type. Waters look to be calming down. Going to be flattest today 1-4 pm so I poured a tiki and rum and started blogging. We are going to head downtown to grab a bite to eat and then plan is to hit the waters. Nice thing about LDBS is that we know the terrain real good so choppy seas aren’t a worry. I need to scoop up at least to more lobsters for dinner tonight!
Stay tuned for the next chronicle…will we find he perfect Bloody Mary and will there be lobsters for dinner?

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