LDBS Dive 2 (1/22/12)

Weather is still incredible today and we are starting to unwind abit from the hazards of owning your own business. We have finally left the customers behind and I am not reaching for the phone every ten minutes to check up on staff. Tanks are filled again and as you may remember from my last post, hubby bought me a brand new dive camera. I promised not to use it today and to read all the directions tonight. My fellow blog fans may already not, I am not really a rules or follow the directions type of gal. I did plug the battery in to charge so it would be ready first thing tomorrow. The new camera is a DC1200 by sealife. I also got a wide angle lens and a docking port for the lens. All, in all a fabulous deal from Gold Coast.
So with that said, we head out for dive two. It is a little rough. But not too bad. We are heading back to our new found honey hole to grab some more dinner. (bugs of course) I am trudging down a bit knee high. We get ready to descend and blast it, my brand new light is missing off my wrist. I have to tell hubby and I know I am going to catch some stick for this. Before hand he asks me if I want a clip to clip it off. I tell hi I am just gonna put it on the clip here my sausage is (emergency flag) and he bitches about me needing to clip if off. I love Rich to death. He takes care of me and my equipment and does a fabulous job listening to me about wanting a dive camera. HOWEVER, (some of you may think I am a bitch) he is completely anal about equipment. To the pint it becomes a job a times. Not relaxing, overthought and seriously over complicated at times. I am the one who likes to roll with it bit more, have a cocktail or two and though caution to the wind. with that said, it is probably why it works so well for us. He is the ying to my yang and I am the cream in his coffee…you get the point I hope.
Now, I am hearing way to many expletives and I go back the twp blocks to try to look for it. About one block back, I say this is crazy, he should try helping me. So he searches out far and I am searching in the surf. After about 30 minutes, and being near close to tears and wanting to give up diving cuz I am such a DUMBASS to lose my brand new light ($110), I look down and spot something bright yellow about 7 feet out. Thank Christ, Steve mentioned the yellow was his most popular and it matched my fins. I have the light! Now to go face Rich again. I head back and let him know I found it. He goes to start and I just tell him to please zip it, let’s dive.
We descend and head out. Dive plan was to swim straight out to second reef. On the way, in the cheese area we see some nice little schools of fish and plenty of juvie tangs, damsels and blennies. There are thousands of small fries not bigger than crumbs in schools. Always like to see this. Good for the whole ecosystem. It was quite a bit silted up compared to our earlier dive. Visibility was about 15 feet. Water temp was around 73 but in no time, it started to feel a bit colder as we got to the larger second reef area. Here is the true test, finding a good dive area that you had before. We are getting so much better with landmarks under water and navigation without the use of our compasses. There are plenty of sea fans in this area so you can easily follow the rules of them running parallel to the shore to help you navigate. Also, even when a diver heads into the desert as we call it, you can follow the ridge patterns in the sand that also run parallel to the shore. We ended up a little North of where we wanted to. Down by the large boiler drum looking things. I have to say, that I found the coral to be looking much healthier than on our last visit to LDBS. Plenty of different colors from greens to blue greens to a variety of reds and oranges. The sponge activity looked fabulous and we noticed at least 5 different varieties. Another note on the coral, I spotted quite a few new young areas that were no near any other coral on the swim between the two reef areas. We next, swam to some of the usual nursery areas near large brain coral formations. In the past these have been fruitful in being good lobster hiding spots. Nothing in any of them today. Rich spotted a little moray eel, perhaps an inch and half in diameter sticking out 6 inches. He was just chilling mouth open. Not aggressive, not feeding, just checking out the intruder in his front yard.
I was rooting around under some ledges and spied, a huge black grouper. Too bad season just ended. He was hiding under a ledge. One thing I noticed was there was an incredible array of fish varieties. Nice large schools. We saw at least a dozen angel fish, both french and queens. Spotfin butterflies, sergeant majors, bar jacks, grunts, yellow tail snappers, blue chromis and banded coral shrimp. I swung under some rocks and saw quite a few plume worms. These little guys always amuse me. Pretend to poke them and they disappear. Wait a while and they appear again.
Today I couldn’t help but notice that the sea urchins were enormous. I keep talking about taking some of these guys and trying them out for dinner. The orangy, yellow roe inside is supposed to be good with eggs and has a hollandaise taste to it. I have heard good and bad things about the sea urchins impact on the reef. What I have researched so far, sea urchins in moderation are a healthy thing for the reef. However, when humans overfish an area, it depletes the natural predators off sea urchins and when not kept in check they can damage a reef. This intrigues me and I can promise you a post on this in the future. But on with today’s dive.
Going back to coral, this time I was impressed to see a multitude of barrel and giant tube sponges. These sponges are always vibrant and neat to watch the micro life flittin about them.
So we find our little honey hole. Four lobsters were waiting for us. We took a minute to think and next thing I knew Rich is grabbing for a lobster. We went to go for the second one, but he got away. For a moment. He flew across the way to another hole. Jump, hop and scoot. I am trying to wrestle this guy and Rich points to his bag and he has bagged one. I will fast forward, we spent about 30 minutes but these were slippery buggers. This was a deep ledge like we see up in Vero Beach and Pepper Park. No back way out. Hopefully they will be waiting for us tomorrow!
We have been in for about an hour and half and I am getting chilly. Rich makes our “L” sign for land and we head back. I am tired, it is to head back. There was a heck of a surge going back in and the current was enormously stronger than when we went out heading to the North.

Here is where I reach out and touch you all for help. I have looked at all my fish cards and googled this, Rich saw a flat plate like head (like a round frisbee) and a body that tapered down. It was camo light brown and cream colors and had 6″ head and two and half foot body max. It was laying still on the bottom. Looked like a large version of a scavenger shark you use to clean a fish tank. Absolutely no idea what it was. I did not see this, so it is being translated to me. I used to have a fish id software but when my last laptop blew, I did not get to transfer it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
So we have bagged two lobster for the day. Tails are gonna go in the fridge till we have enough to eat for everyone.
Till next time! We are up at 7 tomorrow and probably diving early. It appears to be calming down a bit tonight.

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