Dive 1 today (1/24/12) LDBS

Ok, we hit the water about 9:30a, it was still a bit choppy on entry and I just chucked the reg in mouth and splashed down to get in and out past the waves. I did not bring the camera on this dive. We headed straight out from Datura by the new sonar reef building buoys and decided to head out to second reef. THe current was very strong, I would have the say the strongest I have dove in here. We headed across the desert and next thing I know Rich is telling me he wants to head back to first cheese area. He has blown though 1000 psi in no time fighting the current. So, we head on back to the cheese area and start heading south down towards Palm Ave. I am at about 2500 psi when I started at 3600 with the steel tank. We head on down and see a lot of nice schools of small fish. Plenty pf variety from damsels, to harlequins to squirrel and basselets. We head over to a fabulous large coral reef area that we like to call the nursery. We call it this because there are so many healthy large schools of small fish, from feeders, to jacks. It is always teaming with life and as I enjoy the macro life, I love it. I know I am limited on the attention span of my incredibly loving husband Rich so I spend a little time and head south. Next thing, I know we have found a new honey hole. Different than Sundays but I have never seen so many lobster in one area. I poke with light, get excited because I see two and Rich attacks. Nothing bagged, I look in another hole and see two more. We attempt to poke, lasso and net them. Nothing, slippery little buggers. Rich even tries to grab one by hand. He gets antennae but can’t get his hand lower. I tell him to slow down. He ties off our dive flag and we hole around for a while. I see at least 7 holes. I get out my new fangled light out and start shining. Holy crap! it is like alien nation. I look in one and see two, I look in another and see two more . I am so friggin excited. I am just thinking dinner! I go to another tiny hole and see two. I look in another honeycomb and see 5 tasty morsels. I am so super stoked, I can hardly contain myself.
Now here is where I learn a lesson about honeycombs. There are a lot of lobster in them for a reason. Near impossible to get these guys from there holes. They are deep in holes, you can’t get your body in and then the holes have upshots where they can hang and hide from. It was awesome to see so many lobster in one area but I have to tell you, the fighter in me, just didn’t want to quit. Rich as ever so patient with me, bu he gave up about 30 minutes before i did. That just never happens as he is my god at catching lobster. We decided to just swim around and at 1400 psi, we headed in.
Rich likes to air on the side of caution after sucking tank dry on a previous dive last year. Current was rough and it we went through more than usual amount of psi going out.
I have to tell you, that I had to add 2 pounds of weight the other day to bring me to 14 lbs. I figured due to suit being 3mil. Rich added two.
On the way back in, I got spanked when we surfaced. Literally, had a tough time getting in. I went to my knees and crawled it in. Got 3 feet to shore and Rich pulled me back to my feet. I felt like an enormous fat ass (which I know I am not) and completely out of shape.
Again, I love to shore dive and I know so many people think it is very hard but we have been doing it for 4 years now. I was tired, winded and ready for a cold tasty adult beverage. It is 11:30am. Now for the trudge up the beach. There is a ledge today going out. Hit the beach and we have to hike it about 300 yards to hotel.
We will be taking tanks to Gulf Coast and heading back out around 2 after lunch.
I am taking my new sealife dc1200 underwater camera. Stay tuned for video and pics.

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