Next 7 days dive forecast – shore diving

First, I would like to apologize for not posting much lately. It has been the car month from HELL! Have had several different auto repairs done on two vehicles by Triangle Auto in Merritt Island only to have some issues after. Rental cars and living on one car makes it hard to dive. Won’t rant but it would be really nice if the “professionals” who are “certified” to do jobs actually do what you pay them $1000’s of dollars for. Don’t they realize to us divers that money could be spent on new tanks, gear or heck a trip to Bon Aire?
shore dive conditions are looking to be good this weekend in the coral reefs off the East Coast. I do not even want to talk about how good it looks on the sea cams I just checked out. Jensen Beach, flat. Jun Pier, flat, Sebastion Inlet, pretty darn calm. Lauderdale by the Sea, off datura, FLAT! Lauderdale down town, flat. Yikes, yet I see almost no divers at this time!
Had a sneak peak at the Ocean on Tuesday in Vero Beach and it appeared to be calming down. Very blue green but you could still see viz was only 10 feet or so. I am thinking from my experience with the algae levels that this would be a fabulous opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our sea turtle friends. Pepper Park a few miles up the road looks good. Clean in the morning with W winds less than 5mph. Semi glassy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting to the SSE. 1-2 ft small surf. For Pepper Park not too bad! Winds at 2mph. seatemp 74degrees, air temp 67 degrees. I have to tell you, we are here and air temp has been closer to 80.
Appears to be not bad for Monday, middle of the week 3-4 feet and Friday calming down again. First Light: 6:30am – Sunrise: 6:54am
Sunset: 6:16pm – Last Light 6:39pm

high 4:52am 1m
low 11:02am 0m
high 5:05pm 1m
low 11:23pm -0.2m
Deep Six sent a blast for possible good viz as well for today and tomorrow.
I am predicting quite a few of you will be bagging some bugs! With the conditions being so bad as of late, I am pretty sure these creatures are all fat and lazy and just waiting to jump on your table
For Lauderdale Glassy in the morning with WSW winds less than 5mph. Flat, flat, flat today! Bumpy/semi bumpy conditions for the afternoon with the winds shifting SSE 5-10mph. It looks pretty good all week with Wednesday being the worst with 2feet. You have 1 foot swell at 4seconds. Air temp 72 degrees and water temp 76 degrees. For those of you not living ion Florida, we have had a mild winter and in my opinion, the waters did not get very cold this year. Some years, I am a wuss and do no diving until late March. To dive in January is incredible and much appreciated. First Light: 6:28am – Sunrise: 6:51am
Sunset: 6:16pm – Last Light 6:40pm

high 5:43am 2.4ft
low 12:12pm 0ft
high 5:56pm 2.3ft

Next Friday and Saturday look pretty good but Sunday and Monday appear to be choppy.

Hubby is talking about BHB(Blue Heron Bridge for newbs).
The bad news, is we are off tomorrow and he has been fighting a terrible sinus cold. I have tried popping everything in his mouth but do not know if we will be able to dive tomorrow. Possibly Vero and Pepper Park.
BTW, Pepper Park took out one of the long handicap access entries where us divers normally use. This is good news to me, you have to hump up a steep ramp and the trip takes 5 times longer than just walking across the access way. I think many divers will appreciate the smaller hike to hit the water. Probably takes over 75 feet of humping it in gear.

So, with that said, Happy diving everyone! I do still promise to get the vids from the last dive up in LDBS. Stay tuned for Blowing Bubbles TV.

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