Shhh, don’t tell anyone

Well, I have been killing it lately with the hours getting the new website, shopping cart and daily blog going for Scentsations. I have been peeking daily at magic seaweed and swell info just hoping for perhaps an afternoon dive. The water has been remarkably warmer this year but the swells have not been cooperating for shore diving. Hubby Rich and I have been seriously rethinking priorities and quality of life. Must be middle age approaching! I refuse to admit it but at 45 this year I feel down right old at times. Bones are aching, joints are sore and I work way to frigging much. As we creep into the second half of our lives and the kid (18 yesterday) hopefully figuring out what he is going to do, I need more dive time. It is the one highlight of my life besides hubby. Rich is covering the shop, hella long hours in the mall. Burnout! Working 12 hour days is BS IMHO when my gov’t doesn’t support me in the least. (sorry to all those in support of the powers that be)
Rich has mentioned Thailand, awesome, cheap, great diving, and incredible medical. $4 body massages, $1.50 cocktails. Or perhaps, Corn Islands in Nica. Escape, and sit on the beach….DAILY.
Or maybe I should become a weekend carny and load a uhaul full of cool stuff, do the local craft fairs and dive all week. Make the staff work. Heck, maybe go off the grid. That would be funny. I am attached to my curling iron when the hair is salt free.
Ok, I will stop with the rant, but it is looking good for possible shore diving next Sat-Mon in Vero. under 2.5 feet and darn near flat on one day.
Work, work, work. Save for the good weeks. Rich does have a birthday coming up in two weeks, maybe I will surprise him with a trip for two to sunny Key West. LOL!

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