Vero Beach – Pepper Park updates (3/24/12)

“Dream the impossible Dream”

Well, my diver friends…

Fingers are crossed and gear is packed.  Updates for Vero Beach and Pepper Park regions in Fort Pierce are looking goooood for tomorrow.  Yesterday there was hardly any surf and this mornings video cam off Riomar looks ever so promising.  Looking at 2.5 feet calming down to 2 feet later today with wind 5mph and breaks every 8 seconds or so at Fort Pierce.

Low tides 3:49 am and 4:02 pm
High Tides 9:56 am and 10:25 pm

First Light: 6:54am – Sunrise: 7:17am.

Sunset: 7:36pm – Last Light 7:59pm

Tomorrows surf forecast for those shore divers is looking fabulous as well.  1.5 feet off Fort Pierce.  It takes about 3 days for viz to improve in Vero Beach area and it may be pushing it there for viz over 15 feet at Riomar but I will take it right now.  Pepper Park always seems to be a bit calmer perhaps because it is a bit rockier allowing for less sediment.  Plus I heard from a diver yesterday that early  bird caught the waves yesterday and at 9 right before high tide it flattened out.   Riomar and Pepper Park are less than 10 miles away from each other.  So, drum roll please….

TOMORROW I AM GOING DIVING!!!! Plan is to hit the water about high tide.  Then go in with Rich to the mall.   Shop is open tomorrow 12-6pm so I am going to beach bum it.  Hit the water early, shampoo and condition the hair.  French braid it, return tanks for fill at our Vero LDS Deep Six , get lunch, fill cooler.  Head back to shop.   Then go for a dive at 6:30 after shop closes again.  Love daylight savings.

I have to say, happy days are here again.  Too much work and not enough diving, makes for one fish out of the water.

On a side note, hubby cleaned up the back bedroom on his days off and found my Reefnet fish id disk so I am getting the newest edition update and downloading to my laptop.  If you don’t have this, get it!  I highly recommend it, especially for those newer divers out there.  You punch in some parameters and it pulls up a bunch of fish until you find the one you saw.  Gives some interesting facts as well.  Once you purchase it, you get the free updates.  I have a 4th edition.  It will be funny to see what edition they are on as I bought this the first season I started diving.  Again, let me say…LOVE IT!

Plus I will be taking my new dive camera and recording the dives.  Stay tuned for the first “Blowing Bubbles”  2012 edition with Danielle.  There have been a ton of shark reports up and down the coast so hopefully we will spot a few.  Oh yeah, still lobster season.  Perhaps dinner with a side of drawn butter.  And we are coming into turtle season so hopefully a few of our green friends will be hanging out.

For those LDBS shore divers, it appears to be good today and tomorrow.  Flat under 1.5 feet.  But that is further to travel for this weekend for me. So I will stay local.

YAY!  (Fingers crossed….please no waves, please no waves)

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