Hey, Honey want a Scuba dance?

One of my fellow blog followers (NarkedScuba), turned me on to this.  Have you seen Britain’s Sport relief Strictly Come Dancing, Scuba dancing episode?  Apparently harry Judd and partner and Chelsee Healey performed their moves to Take That’s The Flood and Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea.  Can you hear the music good underwater?

Way to frigging funny!  As many of you know my husband is British and I have to tell you, they have a peculiar sense of humor.  Just look at ABFAB, Monty Python, Mr Bean.  But this has to be one of the funniest reality things I have seen to date.

I know that when I am underwater, at times I am the least graceful thing to look at.  Add when I am trying to catch the elusive lobster or take get some video footage of the moray eel or stonefish hiding in a nook while trying to stay as still as possible for the best shot.

Or let me add, all the times while shore diving when I have barreled ass over again and again coming out of the water when I hit a sand ledge or my foot sinks ankle deep in sand. Thankfully, I don’t really care what those sitting on the beach think of me.

I can’t imagine, as much as I love Rich, even doing a dance where others could see me underwater?

Picture this, he takes my hand, and attempts to twirl and dip me but in the meantime….our hoses get tangled and we have to ditch BCD and untangle underwater. If I even wrote in the sand or on a slate, ‘Hey honey, want a dance?”  he would think I’ve lost the last of the few marbles I still have.

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  1. This publication has inspired me to start working on my own blog

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