Captain’s Quarter in LDBS rudest hotel clerk ever

First, up front I am going to tell you I am about to rant.  You can turn off if you want to.

As many of you know who have read my posts about Florida diving, I am one of the easiest, non biased people out there about trying new things.  Be it locations to dive, hotels to stay in or restaurants to eat at.  I see the humor in most things.

This year as Brandon heads off into the real world at 18 I have more time to dive.  Rich and I have decided to try to do biweekly trips scuba diving around Florida and write about how the trip was.  So today I start making calls.  We decided on a favorite spot LDBS as we could only spare 2 nights and wanted to venture to some new hotels or motels.  I have heard about Captains Quarters and thought I would give them a shot first.  They are located directly on the beach on the pompano side of Anglin’s Pier.  I thought it would be easy for a shore diver to stay there.

I called and asked to speak to a manager.  I was told no  body was there.  I then asked if they could tell me when the best time to call back would be,  and guy hung up on me.

Perplexed, I called back and decided another tactic might work better.  I stated my name and that I have a dive blog and was looking at trying a different place to stay and do a write up on the amenities and how they cater or not to shore divers.  I asked if they had any special rates right now and was told in a broken Indian, Pakistan or some other foreign accent  “No deals.”  Abrupt, barely able to understand him and utterly rude.  I always ask for discounts or specials even when we stay at Santa Barbara which we have stayed at loads of times.  Sometimes we get them if they are empty, sometimes not.

So, I am fine for the No deal aspect (even though moments before I was on the website and it states in a big bubble 10% off for all of April) but I would not stay with them ever for the complete rude customer service over the phone.  If this is any indication of what it would be like when you are there, I would be very worried.  It also makes me wonder, why the heck anyone would put someone answering phones that can’t be understood.  It would be like me employing a French lady that did not speak English to try to help my customers in store.

Herein is where I feel our powers as consumers lies.  I am sick and tired of having to put up with rude customer service, technicians, clerks or cashiers in service industries.  We pay your frigging wages buttheads!  I for one, between my in store customers, friends and bloggers just talk to way to many people about shore diving.  This is one of the many reasons my mom always told me to think before I speak.

I have also emailed a letter directly to the hotel.

So when asked by anyone ‘What hotel would you recommend we stay when going shore diving in Lauderdale by the Sea/”  I will reply, “NO..No.. Don’t stay at Captain’s Quarters!”

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