Vero condition update thru April 3rd.

It is looking ever so good for some shore diving in the Vero beach and/or Fort Pierce Pepper Park area.  I was gonna do a post last night cuz it looked so good but it is even better for forecast this morning.  Looks not to bad Fri 7 sat.  Sunday and Monday, no swells and no waves.  Fishy friends, here I come.  I have to say, we have been seriously jonesing for some diving.  When it is good, life is good.  Looks like I may be diving Monday, Tuesday and possibly Thursday am next week.  Yippee!  Oh yeah and we have Easter off too.  4 days in a week, can life really be this good?

I will try to post real quick after the first dive.  meanwhile, if anyone has got wet this week, let me know how it was.  tuned as I plan to play with the new camera/videocam and post the dives on youtube!


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