Shore diving great for Vero Beach today!

ok, just a quick post.  Shore diving was good today, only did one dive as we got a late start at 1pm.  I will post fully with video later.  In brief:

Water temp around 75 degrees.  Beach nice after, light breeze, bright and sunny.  Parking was a little bit of a nuisance as there are only 6 spots or so.  As we did not get there till around 1pm, they were full.  For my new followers, Rio Mar has a shower which is great for hosing off equipment and on hot days hosing down when you get in the wetsuit.

Richard had to park downtown and walk up a couple blocks.  Thanks hubby!

So on with the dive…it was remarkable how easy the entry was.  Tiny little sandy ledge you had to go through for a couple feet, watch footing.  Other than that, we were in pretty quick.  I tend to back kick out while Rich drops and swims out.  We got to first reef and deciced to head all the way out.  Our PSI was about 3500 with the steel tanks.  We went out about 700 yards or 1/2 mile or so through about 3 reef systems.  Lots of algae growth with some incredibly tall 4-5′ seaweed growing straight up.  Very pretty and not usually what we see here. Viz was 15-20 feet.  Watch your dive buddy as it is easy to get separated.  I also took my new light and it really wasn’t much use due to the sediment floating around.

Water was a bit green, still a light sediment.  I really didn’t notice tons of larger fish but the usual blennies, gobies, squirrel fish, parrotfish, damsel fish, and juvie angels floating around.  The lobster were everywhere.  I think we saw at least 7 or 8, with couple being over 3 pounders just waving and singing “Happy Birthday” to Rich.

Vero Beach is know for it’s ledges where the lobsters hide.  I noticed that there was a lot of old, dead coral on edged almost fossilized into sandy crevices at the beginning of each reef area. Hundred’s of little snails crawling in them.  There were 1000’s of sea cucumbers.  Not really sure why so many, will look into that,  Look for the sea cucumber to be featured on my creature feature.

I was amazed at how calm the current was.  No real work involved, buoyancy was easy to maintain which is not always the case here.  It was a nice way to start what we call our dive season.  Enjoyable, easy day off.  I will comment that we were down a little under 2 hours and I had 1000psi left at end.  Max was approx 22 feet depth.  When we got out to the third reef system, I started to get a little chilly on the back end.  I was wearing a 3 mil suit with hoodie and gloves for warmth.

Some big grouper

went out to third finger reef, little chilly in end

Reported in with Deep Six, someone doing a night dive there tonight.

Hitting water 9am tomorrow off RiomarEasy dive, not much of a current, enjoyable, nice way to start the season.

Till later dive friend, it is happy hour time!

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