Blowing Bubbles Epsiode 2 – Pepper Park 4/3/12

In short as I will upload videos and pics later, diving was awesome today at Pepper Park, Fort Pierce.  Only 15 miles or so up the road from Rio mar, I thought it was incredibly clearer and better creature feature.  Saw some flat fish (sand gulf flounder), fire worms, humongous lobster, Pork fish, Sheepshead, 3 nurse sharks (2 on vid) one pic and just a super easy dive today.  Here is my first attempt at a video compilation, mixing pics and video with music.  I am doing this because I like to.  Please, I appreciate constructive criticism but in no way claim to be a producer.  Hopefully as season improves and I get used to the new camera, they will become more like tv quality.  But I had fun, that is what is important.

Blowing Bubbles Episode 2:

Anyway, Please check the above vid clip out.  I will apologize in advance.  I am still learning but love the whole cinematography side of it.  Today is my first attempt at combining pictures, text and videos together.  This is only a short 2 minute clip due to the red quality of videos.  Manual said to set it to snorkel for under 25 feet.  This turned it red as it filtered out some of the light.  I will  not do this next time.  Learning lessons.  My goal is to have 30 minute clips and 60 minute clips of each dive with the highlights of each dive.

Thanks to hubby, he is the best!  Much longer walk to water.  I walked everything in and god love him, he brought all my gear back to car.  All I had to do was have a sandwich ready (which I did this am) and a beer, which was in the cooler.  Love you babe!

Again awesome dive!  2 hours 10 minutes with steel 100 and 1500 psi left!  Was getting cold so wussy me had to quit.  ended the day chilling on the beach with the cooler for a few hours.  I used my Bogg bag today, red to match the Jeep of course.  Will get pics next time.  LOVE IT!  We put suits, fins, masks, snorkels ect in it.  We decided to chill on the beach so stripped down, rinsed gear in ocean and stored it in the Bogg bag till we were ready to go.  No sand, no mess!   I sell these at the store and online (click here).   At $60 for me, it was a no brainer for gear.  Nice thing about owning your own place, you can mix business with pleasure some times.  It is always nice getting things for the store that I like!   Sat on shore after and chilled for a few hours with tasty adult bevs.

Came home to my reef net cd waiting so I will be looking up some fish.  Was planning on going Easter but it looks like crap.  Tomorrow good, possibly Thursday.  Then 10 foot seas.  Yikes!  Check back for the update dive friends.

Also, bought dive card from deep six today, good deal  $200 for 50 fills.  That is $4 fill

I am looking to id all fish friends.  I think the one is a blenny due to the mouth.  we saw a ton of different blennies and lizard fish.

On the nurse shark video…no idea what the dolphin like noise was in the end.  You can see due to the low viz and sediment plus his speed, it was hard to keep him in view.

Rich caught the two conch fighting.  apparently the larger one pushed the smaller one of the reef up top and followed him down about 7 feet, then chased him off his turf.  I think it is neat how the fish appeared to be the referee.

Check links below for magic seaweed forecast. Will add in my menu bar soon!

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