Shore diving conditions Vero beach & Pepper park thru 4/12/12

Super nice thing about Lauren coming back to work in the new store for us…she actually scoped out the surf conditions for me and gave me a heads up for good days.

with that said, it appears to be calmer than they initially forecasted this weekend but not great.  Monday things will settle down and Tuesday thru Thursday look like they may have small swells, little waves and hopefully good viz. Fort Pierce, Pepper Park area is looking more favorable.  Don’t think I will bother with Vero beach.

I am hoping to do Pepper Park or a new area North of there on Tuesday.  Gotta work Wednesday and have to drive the kid around for app’t on Thursday but may get an early dive in.

Planning on little mini trip April 21-23rd.  Mix a business trip to west palm with a little pleasure.  Probably dive LDBS.

Have a super weekend, hopefully tomorrow will be nice for a little Easter dive.

Update Tuesday am 7:30…Hubby is loading car up, cooler is packed and we will be on our way in about 10 minutes. Hope to be in water by 10 am. Look for pics and videos later. We are going back looking for nurse sharks.

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9 Responses to Shore diving conditions Vero beach & Pepper park thru 4/12/12

  1. Brian says:

    How often do you shore dive? I have only dove the Springs and Keys, and firm beleiver it would be best to meet up with a group who frequently dives the area to learn some important things, as well as learn some hot spots to see stuff.

    • I shore dive 8 out of 10 times. Are you local?
      Also, while it is nice to swim with someone the first time in a new area, it certainly fast tracks you to the good spots, but that is part of the fun, mapping out an area. We as a couple have been through every phobia, hubby has different ones than I do and we both have different needs under water. He is my dive buddy. I dove once without him when he was sick. And on my checkout dives for advanced as he has not done that yet. Dive buddy is important. Do you have a regular dive buddy or do you get new ones depending on where you travel. All relevant. LMK, if I can help you at all, please feel free to lmk

      • Brian says:

        I’m quasi local. I’m up in Jax and since I’m still new go through air a lot and well, spoiled by Keys Diving. I am sure if I slate a trip down to the area I’d get a few from the local Dive Club I’m in to go.

        Sadly, my ‘dive buddy’ was my ex-wife so now out of luck as I try to get a new one. And with me on fixed income, getting out as much as I want is kind of hard. But rather dive as much as I can than not at all.

      • Let’s talk shore diving, cheap, easy and convenient. It is cost of tank fill. I love to shore dive and am always amazed at the fears and phobias I hear from people. I have a husband who is prone to sea sickness with boat motion. This cures that issue. We still boat dive but it is nice to be in control. Also, convenient. We own our own business and do not always have the luxury of getting multiple days off in a row. We can scoot out for a day or as next week, plan 3 days in a row.
        I will admit there is a fear of shore diving in general with people who have not tried it and there is certainly some phobias to get over in new places, but we do it. Yesterday we went to do a shore dive in Pepper Park, viz was 5-7 feet max. We scrubbed after 30 minuted because it was not fun. Enjoyed rest of day on beach. Contemplated doing nitrox class but decided not to. Talked with deep six about viz and they actually scheduled a night dive at 8:30 because of my viz report. I thought they were crazy!
        Anyway, please feel free to tag along any time. I will be in LDBS it looks like the 21st-23rd. I am also going to be doing and organizing some group events on my blog this season.
        We will not of course take responsibility for anyone but are more than willing to show people about. I wish someone had done it for me a few years ago.

  2. Brian says:

    When I first tried to get my c-card it was up in Mass. and all the cert dives were shore dives. Found out a few issues when I tried to get certified. 1) I had not hips to hang the belt off of, kept sliding off. 2) At the time (1992) tall people were just NOT prevalant in clothing and as such, my wetsuit was a tad to small, and the hood was so small that when it got wet it chocked me. Being in Jax any ‘dive’ I do, save for the trip to do a boat, will be a car ride. Either to some of the springs in Cave Country or a jot down further south. One thing I am loving is that Vero Beach has some great shore diving, and is closer than BHB (still want to dive it, but don’t have to drive the extra couple hours to get there).

    I appreciate the invite, and hope to do so. As I said, gotta get some new equipment that fits me better (and thus better diving since I’m not fighting the gear).

    • We use integrated bcd, weights are in them. Couldn’t imagine using a belt. BHB is murky and people don;t tell you a dump site. You have limited times you can dive but you will see stuff. Around, here it is a goto place when all others are bad. Vero is murkier than Pepper Park which is just 10 minutes south. hope this helps,

  3. Brian says:

    I’m 6’7 and normal BCD’s don’t fit me to well. Getting a BP/W. I already have a weight harness that works wonders.

    All this helps to learn from a local diver.

  4. Tony says:

    Any word on vis for pepper park this weekend? assuming there’s no thunderstorm.

    • I will be in LDBS this weekend where it looks good. It appears flat out till friday HOWEVER, it has been crappy in Vero Beach & Pepper Park. traditionally, if conditions hold it may be good on Weds but I wouldn’t hold my breath for this weekend (no pun intended)

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