upcoming LDSB dive trip 4/21-4/23 w/conditions

Ok, Rich and I are venturing further south for a few days next week to a favorite spot. Lauderdale by the Sea. I do not generally plan trips that look like they can be scrubbed due to poor dive conditions. Season for diving has started for us with warmer waters and we have committed ourselves to work to dive. That means work 7-10 days, take a few off for diving. I am trying out a new place to stay (Eastward Strand)so watch for full writeup. Kathy seemed very helpful and answered all my questions. We walked by here numerous times and it seems quaint. We generally stay at Santa Barbara but Rich wants a change and all they had was an efficiency. Eastward Strand appears to be a little better kept in the rooms and newer furniture. We booked a 1 bedroom apartment for $90 night. We will be in LDBS arriving early the 21st and leaving late Monday the 23rd. Just a little mini trip to get the season started. I expect to do 6-8 dives with hopefully at least one night one. If you are looking for places to stay, be aware that most hotel rates have not gone down yet. A few have.

My requirements are a pool, a hose for rinsing gear and a fridge. Other than that, I can go with the flow depending on price and amenities. I tend to like mom and pop places to keep the money local and I tend to not like anything over 2 stories due to dive gear. I prefer not to stay where there are a million little rugrats(children). Mine is 18 now and I am ready for the break. Teenager is not going so some down time will be nice. No music, attitude or bottomless pockets.
Diving conditions appear good with small 1-2 feet for swells. Conditions will be bad until Weds the 18th with improvements on Thursday. Weds & Thurs look flat with small waves Friday and Saturday. Sunday midday may kick up a but but Monday no incoming swells. Looks good to me!

Stay tuned next week after we get back for full writeups, vids and pics.

Also this week we signed up for Gold Coast Scuba’s meetup group. Steve & Brian are super nice guys there. They generally post when they do shore dives. It is a small membership fee of $30 but they offer 10% off purchases. I just got a notice that if you are part of their group and mention it to BurgerFi in LDBS you get 10% off. We ate here on the last trip, big burgers but I generally cook monsters on the grill so not big deal to me. Burger Fi has a cool vibe to it in a SAW (the movie) kinda way. Meat hooks hanging everyone. Very industrial.

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