Reports for this weekend down the East coast

I personally will be scuba diving in Lauderdale by the Sea on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. That means it must be looking good there for me to drive down and book hotel.   Lots of fabulous shore dives plan.  May try to Euro Jacks on Sunday unless I am feeling lazy.  Also going to check out 2nd Street in Pompano and a place they call the old tennis courts.  Rich wants to try the flip side of Anglin’s Pier as well.  Plan is to do at least 7 dives with possibility of 9. It looked nice and flat this morning when I checked on the video cam outside Windjammer resort. Just checked again and looks great to me with a little bit of wind kicking up.  Forecast is saying some showers and thunderstorms.  Showers not so bad, thunderstorms…we will watch.  Get in the water early is what I am hearing and relax in the afternoon over thunderstorm cocktails.  I will post quick updates in between dives on viz so check back this weekend.

For Pepper Park, Fort Pierce Area it doesn’t look too bad for waves however it has been choppy this week so viz is most likely going  to be bad. High tide tomorrow is 8:15 am and low is 2:21 pm.  Thunderstorms are forecasted as well.  If conditions were to improve and stay good I personally would think about a dive on Wednesday at the earliest.  If you can hold off, next Friday and Saturday would be my choice after a week of calm and no swells projected.  I’m thinking of a late weekend dive here for next week.  Do not think I would schedule a day off before Thursday for this though.

For Vero beach, always looks much the same as Pepper Park HOWEVER, I always feel it takes longer to clear up the surf viz here.  It looked awesome last week at the beginning but had been choppy two days earlier and Rich & I scrubbed the dive after being in less than 30 minutes.  I was practically running into the reefs without seeing them and surge was bad.

Well, stayed tuned for pics, videos and updates from Lauderdale by the Sea.

Up at 4 am!

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5 Responses to Reports for this weekend down the East coast

  1. Brian says:

    Have a safe trip and hope the storms that are threatening the NE of FL don’t hit you at all.

  2. Brian says:

    I spent time in Maine before, they certainly can be crazy! Glad your not getting hit by the storm, and hope it continues.

    • ya, crazy was a nice way of putting it. 8pm still a little breezy but sun came out for sunset. If shore diving is a wash, then we will be doing a boat dive

      • I am still new to the camera thing. Only used it four times so far. I wanted to get the buttons down first. I have some built in filters and will be playing in the future. I am working today but hope to have vids and stuff up later. Great nurse shark, angle shark and 3 different moray eels

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