LDBS today pics (4/21/12)

ok, we arrived about 10 am and I hate to say the rotor on jeep has gone so we have Diego the car guy coming around recommended by Steve from Gold Coast.  Picked up Ric’s new steel 120’s and I rented an extra hp100.  My thanks go to Steve again for awesome customer service.  There is an upcoming event in the summer made specially for us shore divers so watch for more info.  I have talked to the strand here and am working on a block of rooms at incredibly low rates for this event.

Today,  I would have to predict viz to be zero to crap if I had to.  We watched a crazy “Mainer” as he called himself go for a dive.  We were laughing but I did tape it and wait for it to be posted later.  It is cocktail hour for us now.  Seas appear to be calming down but I would predict no for today.  However, two full tanks each ready for the am.  so expected first dive is 8am.

We are staying at the Eastward Strand.  I have taken a ton of pics(see below).    Some gorgeous banyon trees, ugly fruit trees and even an incredibly humungous orchid hanging in one of the banyans.  They have a fish tank in the office and there is a baby lobster no bigger than 4 inches in it.  real cute. No mind you if you are a 4 star kinda diver, this may not be the place for you, but it is quite, free for the most park of rugrats (I have not seen one), has a kitchen, hose and quick walk to beach.  I am going to walk from hotel to the beach tomorrow.  If I can do it, anyone can!

Really have t say, I like the new map they have up top by the showers that shows the layout for those new to the area and to snorkelers.  Clearly shows where the reef lines are.  We generally hit second buoy straight out to second or third reef finger.  Swim South and relax.  Enjoy the pics…

I like the grounds.  Very quaint, old world Florida feel.  We are staying in a one bedroom apartment.    Going to beach back in a while

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