LDBS today pics (4/21/12)


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  1. Silvia says:

    Hi Danielle, I’ve come across your blog, and noticed that you stayed at the Eastward Strand, in Lauderdale by the sea. I’m hoping i can get a little feedback regarding this motel. If you can help, great, if not, that’s ok. Was wondering if it was a good place to stay. Is it clean? Are the people nice? I’ve read some good and bad reviews and just wanted to speak with someone who stayed there. I’ve rented a 2 bedroom pool side apartment. Can you tell me a little about the Eastward Strand Motel?
    Thank you so much. Silvia

    • It was clean but a little rundown. I believe the bank owns it and it is being run by some people. Pool was dirty and not warm. That was a negative for us. Grounds were a little overgrown. People were friendly but I got the impression that there were some long term rentals at cheap rates to fill. I have not stayed again and probably wouldn’t. I do recommend the Santa Barbara 3 doors up. Bev & Gil own. They offer a discount in summer off season if you mention Danielle’s Dives. Clean, crisp, family owned. It is a little bit of old Florida. Pool is always right temp and clean. It is a little older but for the price nice. I also have a deal with Villa Caprice, call Micheal there. This is ocean front. 9 foot pool. I am staying there for Bugfest. I personally am not a 5 star traveler, too stuffy for me. I like to dive, hand out by pool, have cocktails, walk around town. Let me know if I can help you with anythign else. Check out Bytheseaevents.com they also have some hotel deals through summer.
      There is a cute place directly across road, little villa I am going to try soon as well. Windjammer has some bucket rooms 20-40% off, they are directly on beach. LMK is I can help you any other way. Also check back to my blog, if we are diving, feel free to join us!

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