Lauderdale by the Sea (4/22/12)

Ok, Rich had me up by 6:30 and we are coffeed up and getting ready to hit the shore.  Just walked down and it appears to still have slight wave action by the shore but it has definitely flattened out across the reef.  Current doesn’t look too bad and wind is unremarkable calmer than yesterday.  Three old guys fishing at sunrise. Hide tide is 9:50 am and low tide is at 4:19pm.  I am seeing 79 degrees sea temp and 74 degrees air.  I don;t know about the sea temp is was bloody cold yesterday!

Plan is to be in off Datura Ave by 8:15am.  Will post pics and give update later.

Didn’t get to write too much about it last night but blew the fly wheel bearing as we pulled off exit.  Had to replace rotors and brakes as well at same time.  My special thanks go out to Steve from Gold Cost for recommending a reputable honest mechanic on a Saturday and to Diego who got the job done same day, picked the jeep up and brought it back and didn’t rip me off on the fees.  If you need a good mechanic in this area, hit me up and I will forward his number.

Thanks to Rich as well for getting my gear all together this am so I can post this (wink)

Hopefully we will see some of our sea turtle friends feasting this morning.  A nurse shark wouldn’t be bad either.

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