(Video) Blowing Bubbles Episode 4 – Lauderdale by the Sea

I have finally finished the video from the last scuba dive.  This video is from one dive only done off the shore in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida.  Awesome sights and intriguing creatures on this video.  All told for a 12 1/2 minute video it has been about 12 hours of cropping pics, cutting videos, adding text, searching for music and compiling into this video.  It has been a labor of love.  The music is kinda new for me and I am slowly building a great library of royalty free music.  I used incomtech for most of this one. I also found some good stuff for future videos at pacdv.  AS hubby says, I am now officially a producer and director.

I set this one to a nice blend of reggae and ethereal african music.  For the future I will be working on doing voice overs.

I have a folder on youtube now where I will be hosting all videos that can be found under Daniellesdives.  This video features the aangel shark, nurse shark and remora, three eels, triggerfish, trumpetfish, angelfish, sturgeon fish, several wrasse, a gorgeous lizardfish all set amongst a extremely healthy coral ecosystem.  For coral you will see staghorn, elkhorn, brain, elliptical, boulder star, sea fans and more.  There is even a nudibranch in some staghorn coral.  I am sorry to say, I did not get the reef squid on camera.

If you look in the categories, I have added a video section that is also in the top menu bar now.

Coming up soon I will be doing write ups on the trumpet fish and also the variety and types of coral found in the reefs off Florida.


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