New Blowing Bubbles Video episode – I see Green Sea Turtles

This dive would have to be an 8 conch dive It was easy getting in and out on the shore, not a bad current and the water and air temp were almost identical.
Ok, here is my newest video put together of my dives on May 5th, 2012 at Lauderdale by the Sea. It was an incredible dive and so fabulous to catch these gorgeous green sea turtles on camera. The one at the end was a juvie and it was very exciting that he let me get that close to video.
Also took some interesting photos concentrating on the variety and types of coral both hard and soft. Also shot a little bit of footage with reef squid in them. slippery little buggers to get to stay in one place for a while. There was an incredible variety of reef fish. Cow fish, trunk fish, snapper, a dog snapper, Queen, french and grey angelfish, damsels, fairy basselets, even a 4 eyed butterfly fish and a banded butterfly fish. No sharks on this dive but I will say the turtles made up for it. Identified the Spanish grunt and also the Caesar grunt. Throw in the lane snapper, and all the surgeon fish and it was a rainbow of colors!
This video was about 10 hours of cropping,editing, placing and mixing. getting quicker but it still takes a while to do a good video.

join me tomorrow as we take a closer look at reef squid.

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