Today is National Endangered Species Day!

Today is the National Endangered Specie Day! Who is your favorite endangered animal, plant, bird or fish and what are you doing to help them?
I love my turtles! It doesn’t matter if it is the less threatened green sea turtle or the endangered Leatherback Enjoy every single time I see them and they let me bask in all their glory. Click here for why they are so endangered. I was amazed as I checked out the regions that there were more than 10 turtles endangered! Yikes!
Some very simple ways to help is just to clean up the beaches or join turtle walks where they count and protect them.
Here are few contacts below:
At Sea you can adopt an animal!
Sea turtle preservation Society
General Email
Volunteer Coordinator
Strandings and STERP Program

Florida Turtle Conservation Trust:

George L. Heinrich (President)

Here is a link with a big list for Florida.

But for our oceans there are so many more.
My recent article on Bowhead whales I hope caught your interest. However there are also many more whales that need our human help. The Finback, Gray, Blue Humpback and Sperm whale are are endangered. Add to them the Mediterranean monk seal and the Stellar Sea lion for mammals.
Did you know the Rainbow parrotfish and the steelhead are endangered?
There are even clams that are facing issues.
Fat Three-ridge Mussel found in Florida, Georgia

Orangefoot Pimpleback Pearlymussel found in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
Shinyrayed Pocketbook found in Alabama, Florida, Georgia
Southern Acornshell found in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee
You have read my write up about the problems coral reefs face. Be sure to wear your reef safe sunscreen!
I am also excited to tell you I will be sponsoring an upcoming event with tons of FREE stuff with all proceeds from the entry fee going to a reef awareness or turtle conservation group!
I know great strides are being done in Florida to protect the tiger and hammerhead sharks.

so enjoy this little tribute!

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