2012 Lauderdale by the Sea BUGFEST

I have been waiting to announce this until I had some final details ironed out. I think we have most things sorted including hotel deals.

This is the inaugural Lauderdale by the Sea BUGFEST. Mini lobster season is 12:01 am Wednesday July 25th to 11:59pm Thursday July 26th for 2012. Double the lobster bag limits.

Where: Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida
When: Tuesday July 24th-Sunday July 29th
Why: Lobster mini season, double bag limit!
Who: Anyone who wants to bag some babies with easy shore diving and meet some awesome dive peeps.

I have to tell you, it is one of my all time favorite shore dive locations in Florida. Plenty to see, plenty to catch and a nice small town feel where everything is walking distance including some great eats and some fabulous bar locations. Look at my Blowing Bubbles videos. Lots of footage of reef fish, turtles, sharks, lobsters and eels.

Lauderdale by the Sea has also coordinated lots of other events going on throughout town for the week. I have compiled all the events here in ONE place. You can sign up for these Events Below. Links are all there. I have highlighted the ones in red that I am definitely doing. Some of these events are limited to space. Some are FREE!
Saturday, July 21 and ends at 10AM on Friday, July 27
Bugfest Photo contest -FREE

The contest starts on Saturday, July 21 and ends at 10AM on Friday, July 27, when all official
entries must be submitted. Photos must be taken during the week and can be shot anywhere
off Lauderdale-By-The-Sea’s 2.4 miles of coastline.
For more info, contact Rich Barnhart at 954-351-7007 or via e-mail at rich@bythesearealty.com
there will be 4 categories in which prizes will be awarded.
Reef Inhabitants
SS Copenhagen
Spiny Lobsters
Corals and Divers
Deadline 6 pm Tuesday July 24
The Great Florida Bug Hunt Contest Registration !!! $15

    Everyone of you going should do this.

You get a free T shirt plus there are going to be GREAT prices. $500 cash for first, Henderson wetsuit for 2nd, Sealife Camera for third. I will be posting as soon as I get the official list, but a little birdie told me there are gonna be some surprise fabulous additions! Watch for full list later. Here is the thing with this folks. Don’t wait. Commit TODAY, the more people they get, the easier it is to add to the bag of loot being given out. Sponsors love to see numbers! If you are staying at Villa caprice and have booked this, let Danielle’s Dives know as we have something extra for you!
Click here for full contest rules.

Tuesday, July 24 10 am Datura Ave(Prior Mini-Season Beach Dive) FREE
Beach Diving Clinic / Dive Safety Skill Refresher

I highly recommend this if you have not shore dove or need a refresher. It is hosted by Gold Coast. They will be meeting by Datura which is a 2 block walk from the hotel.  Rich and I will be joining and diving that morning.  Feel free to tag along and we will show you the terrain and then meet up for some BYO grilling for lunch at the hotel. Expect to hit the water by 10am. I would suggest pairing up people to load gear in, drive the two blocks and drop it off and bring cars back to park at hotel.

July 24 – 4pm Jarvis Hall
Catching the BUG Seminar $22

Jim “Chiefy” Mathie is a locally-known lobster slayer for more than 25 years and author of “Catching the Bug “The Comprehensive Guide to Catching the Florida Spiny Lobster.” Chiefy has been written about in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper and featured on the Paul and Young Ron Morning Radio Show for his expertise in lobster hunting. If you want to learn a few tricks you will not want to miss this seminar. The cost for the seminar is $20 per person and it includes the guide book Catching the BUG.
The book is available for $20.00 at Gold Coast Scuba and purchase of the book will entitle you to attend the 2 hour seminar at no extra cost! Present the book at the door in lieu of an entry pass.
The FWC and BSO will also take part with Mini-Season Regulations and Dive Safety presentations.

We will be doing adult tasty beverages by the pool at Villa Caprice later if you want to join us.

11:30 pm Tuesday July 24th
Sneak Attack Night Dive!

We will be gearing up and ready to hit the water for 11:45, quick swim out and ready to commence bagging!
We will meet on the shores in front of Villa Caprice and disperse. May the best man (or woman) win. For those of you booked at Villa Caprice with Danielle’s Dives we are going to do some prizes for whoever bags out first and possibly some more. No cost to you, absolutely FREE(details to follow)

Wednesday July 25 8:30 am
Sunrise Lobster Hunt * Get’m !!!!
(Discounted BugFest Trip) $55 plus $11 each tank you need. These are 35 person cats and 2 tank dive with South Florida Diving Headquarters! (About 6 miles North of GCS) Professional Dive Boat Operator with at least 2 divemasters on board.
Both dives will be on reefs up to 60′ deep for Open Water.
Advanced divers can venture to the backside of the reef and go deeper.

BugFest’s Bug Bake & Boil in El Prado
Beachfront park across from Town Hall, 4501 N. Ocean Drive.
El Prado is right on the Atlantic
Ocean just a few blocks north of Anglin’s Square, the Town’s beachfront downtown district.
The Bug Bake & Boil will include live steel-drum music, beer and wine (cash only for drinks).
You can bring your own lobster, but feel free to drop by even if you are lobster-free. The event
host is Lenore Nolan-Ryan, owner of Lenore Nolan-Ryan’s Cooking School and Catering.
In case of rain, the event will be moved to Jarvis Hall across the street.
Reservations are strongly recommended.
Please RSVP at 954-491-2340. You can also RSVP via e-mail at info@lenorenolanryan
Full details click here.

Wednesday July 25 6:30pm
Wild Wednesday Night Lobster Hunt * Get’m !!!!
(Discounted BugFest Trip) $55 plus $11 each tank you need
These are 35 person cats cats and 2 tank dive with South Florida Diving Headquarters! (About 6 miles North of GCS) Professional Dive Boat Operator with at least 2 divemasters on board.
Both dives will be on reefs up to 60′ deep for Open Water.
Advanced divers can venture to the backside of the reef and go deeper.

Thursday July 26 – 8:30am
Thirsty Thursday Lobster Hunt * Get’m !!!!

(Discounted BugFest Trip) $55 plus $11 each tank
These are large cats and 2 tank dive with South Florida Diving Headquarters! (About 6 miles North of GCS) Professional Dive Boat Operator with at least 2 divemasters on board.
Both dives will be on reefs up to 60′ deep for Open Water.
Advanced divers can venture to the backside of the reef and go deeper.

Thursday July 26th –
Iron Chef Spiny Lobster Competition at the Town’s beach pavilion!

more details and times to follow.

Friday July 27 – 7am
Anglins Pier Clean-up FREE

Good cause and perfect way to repay the Sea for those tasty lobsters you are gonna catch! Plus you get to poke around under the pier which is usually off limits.
This time we’re going to clean the South side!
Again, we will have buckets going up to the pier. Each time a bucket is filled, it will be pulled up and emptied by people on the pier.
The rules: not many but you must have sea snips and gloves. No exceptions. If you need them, Gold Coast Scuba will have these discounted 30% for this event.
You must sign a waiver for this event at Gold Coast Scuba (you can sign up prior to the event) and obtain a “new band” to be allowed in the water by the pier. The waiver and band is absolutely necessary to have access and only Gold Coast Scuba members and their guests have permission to dive under and around the pier in the designated area.
Click here for full details.

Friday July 27 – 1pm
Dive a Bunch of Wrecks !!

Gold Coast Scuba is sponsoring a BugFest Wreck Trek off Deerfield Beach (4 miles north
of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea).
Wreck Trek is a boat drift dive in about 60 feet of water that includes the Ancient Mariner, Berry
Patch Tug and the Quallman Barge. You can easily cover two of the wrecks. And if the current
Gods are with us, you can do all three. This is a fun dive! Along with all the marine life, you get
to test your navigational skills. There are rebar stakes between the three wrecks to help guide you.

Friday July 27 approx 3pm-5pm
The BugFest Fish Identification Slide Show — presented by Nova University graduate
student Adam Nardelli Free!

It is designed to help divers, snorkelers and anyone else interested in the ocean learn about the numerous tropical fish that are commonly found on our coral reefs.
More details to follow, in talking with Steve from Gold Coast I believe they will be offering a Padi specialty certification with a dive after for about $125. Contact them for more details but I am thinking of adding this speciality so I will have 3 under my belt towards advanced.

Rounding out Friday evening July 28
Underwater photo contest slide show! Free! Details
Great Florida Bug Hunt Concert at Village Grille! Free!

Saturday July 28
Copenhagen Wreck Dive and Dine

shore dive and meeting for lunch after at The Sea Watch. For this dive, it is for a little more advanced shore diver. You will have about a 20 minute surface swim out. I have not done this location yet and am looking forward to it.
The Copenhagen is a natural wreck situated on the far side of the inner reef several hundred yards offshore at 2000 N. Ocean Blvd in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. The keel, much of the lower deck plating, a yard rest (pillow block) and the anchor provide a stunning backdrop for every species of tropical native to the area, as well as lobster, eels, rays, shark, tarpon, snook, mackeral and dozens of other visitors. Bring a camera because the pictures from are stunning. If we are lucky, we might have a day of 60-80 foot visibility. Kayaks are welcome also.

Sunday July 29th – watch for some upcoming events.

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