East Coast Florida Clearwater Visibility alert

Well, between my sinus issues, Rich’s ear infection and the car breaking down today, I will be out of the water for the next week or so.  However, I am happy to say that for shore divers out there it is looking very very good for the next week and a half.  With the full moon, look for some sea turtle procreation to be going on.

Lauderdale – it is flat to 1 foot swells pretty much for next 10 days.  You have some bad T’storms for Saturday but other than that it looks perfect. gentle off shore winds under 15 mph till 6/6 evening.  hen the winds will flip and head on shore for pretty much till 6/13.  High tide 9:42 am tomorrow and low tide about 3:26 pm.

Vero Beach and Pepper Park area are looking pretty calm for Tuesday & Wednesday.  Surf picking up a bit for the remainder o the week with onshore winds starting on Friday am.  Look for it to flatten out a bit again on 6/11 and 6/12.  It appears to be pretty cloudy for most of this forecast with chances of rain showers.

Fort Pierce North Jetty is flat all week-long.  Might give that a try.

So, have fun, be safe and let me know how the viz was.

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