Bonitos are running…Shark alert!

I was at the beach in Cape Canaveral for Father’s day, catching some rays and enjoying some adult tasty beverages.  It was packed, the busiest I have seen it in a long time.  Low tide, water looked ever so inviting so we decided to head out for a swim.  Nice to go out about 200 yards and only be chest high.  Swam out past the surfline and out near the sandbar ledges.  Now, I am not a wuss or a sensationalist but I was hot at least 4-6 times on from my ankles to my knees by rather large slimy critters.  Very smooth skin.  I decided after a few minuted to head back to shore to warm up and yes…get another cold one.  I mentioned it to Rich and he said he spotted two good size sharks in the wave tops. Possibly spinners.  Not too big.  Spinners average 10-50 pounds with ability to get to 100 pounds.  They get their name from the way they spin in the air while feeding.

So HUNDREDS of people on the beach, completely oblivious.  It always amazes me!  Again no big deal, I went in the water at least 3 more times over 4 hours, rode some waves with my body.  Nice little rip ended me up about 2 blocks south of hubby.  Fun, fun fun.  I figure, I am in their home cooling down.  Plus if it is my time to go, I will.  I figure as much as I try to raise awareness about our oceans I have to have some good “juju” going for me with the oceans critters.

So I got to thinking after just having a customer at the store come in and tell me she spotted some in Vero Beach as well yesterday.  I did a little digging and apparently the bonito are running and the sharks love the tasty, meaty guys.

Here is a link for spinner shark video from yesterday in New Smyrna, about an hour north of me.


In Fort Lauderdale, according to Captain Roy Roydhouse of the New Lattitude, “The sharks are just plain snappin’ this week” . Getting bites on every trip by giant hammerhead or giant dusky shark.  In the past week, they have hooked 6 hammerhead sharks and 3 dusky sharks.  The excellent shark fishing is definitely related to the big bonito run that is happening off the Fort Lauderdale coast right now. Bonitos are a bloody gamefish in the tuna family. They average 10-20 pounds and they make a major run down the Ft Lauderdale coastline every year for the 3 months of summer.

Bonitos will be here for another 3 months, as will the big game sharks that like to eat them. Bonitos themselves are fun to catch. They are very bloody fish, just like tuna. Composed of almost pure muscle, these bonitos are one of the strongest fighting fish, pound-for-pound, more so than almost any other fish. In the summer months, now through the beginning of September, the bonitos are covering the reefs almost everywhere. They light up the action trolling the reef, and bring with them some of the biggest gamefish in the Carribean. Marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and all the big game sharks… hammerhead, mako, thresher, bull, dusky, sand bar and spinner sharks all follow the bonito schools.

Now, while this post will scare many beachgoers, I am excited as I am planning to sneak away to LDBS hopefully no later than Sunday for 3 nights.  BTW, flat, flat, flat Sunday – Weds next week for LDBS with weather looking favorable and nice offshore soft winds.

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