Upcoming Shore diving conditions improve for the Fourth!

I took a little looksy today with my fingers crossed that perhaps the dive God’s would be with us this week as I am utterly jonesing for some water therapy.  My other company Gypsy Rose Wraps has three shows in Fort Pierce next week so I will probably be sticking to Vero Beach, Pepper Park and Bathtub Beach.

Therefore, I am excited to give you this forecast from Vero Beach down to Lauderdale to July 7th.  Small chance of storms but it is Florida and that is normal for summer.  Plus if you are in the water, what does it matter as long as there is not lightning.   It is looking good for shore scuba divers down the coast!  Fill those tanks, check your equipment, clean the cooler!

For Vero Beach:

82-86 degree air temp with water temp about one degree behind.

1-2 feet swells Friday & Saturday (6/29-6/30) with water calming later Saturday.

1st of July to the fourth 1 foot swells, with light onshore ESE winds of 3-9 mph for most of the day with the exception of slight offshore winds before 6am each day.

Thursday the 5th, flattening out…YES FLAT later on in the day and early all day Friday the 6th. Gentle onshore winds under 10mph with a change of direction to crosswinds midday.  Saturday appears to be good too.

Fort Pierce (Pepper Park) is looking slightly better than Vero Beach all week.  Flattening out earlier in the day the 6th.

Lauderdale – looks good all the way out with winds under 10mph.  1 foot Sat and Sunday, with flat for Sunday.  Monday, Tuesday most of the 4th 0-1 but kicking up to 2 feet swells at 6pm.  Thursday the 5th- Sat 7th flat to one foot.  It does appear to be slightly windier in Lauderdale with air and sea temp in the lower 80’s.


So my plan, I have a night show in Fort Pierce, possibly get 2 early dives in.  Thursday I will probably be working and have a night show Friday so possibly to morning dives in Pepper Park.  SaT I have a early show done by 2, so perhaps I can talk hubby into skooting down to Lauderdale by the Sea for an overnighter.

IMHO, the week of the Fourth, hit the water on the East coast for a little shore diving.  I am figuring after a few days of small swells, Vero Beach should look pretty good by the Fourth.

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