Shore diving this week in Florida

Well folks, it appears still that the shore dive gods may be with us up here in Vero Beach area. Flat to one foot swells up till Friday. Sunrise around 6:30 am and high tide 8:37 for Wednesday. Winds under 10mph. My dive plans for this week will have to be local due to some shows I am doing for my one company Gypsy Rose Wraps.
Update 4pm Monday
I just got word from a local diver here that shore dove Vero yesterday that while it was very calm, there was only 3 foot viz due to algae content in water and also that the thermoclines were running on the reef making it chilly. I will keep you posted on this as conditions change.
Update 11am 7/3. I just picked up tanks from Deep Six this am. Worker B said that they could see the reef but had heard of algea issues as well. Plan for tomorrow am is to do Wabassa. If it does not look good, head south. I expect to be at Wabasso by 9-9:30am

I think it will be perfect enough for the little ones in the family to grab their snorkel and mask and do a little snorkeling!
Wednesday I am going to try Rio Mar 1st but may do Pepper Park and be in the water by 9am. Friday I am also going to do Pepper Park and will be in the water by 10 pm. If you want to join us for a little fourth celebration, we will be parked down by the South walkway. Look for the red Jeep Wrangler. I do have to be out of there by 1pm both days. There are Fireworks at Marina in Fort Pierce for the Fourth and they are doing a little mini party like Fridayfest that happens there once a month.

The weather is going to kick up a bit in Vero Beach on Friday so I would definitely go out on a limb and say that Pepper Park will be more favorable for viz. I was hoping to do an afternoon dive Saturday at around 3pm. I will watch conditions and post more later.
Here is a recap of sites from Sebastian down to Vero Beach
Sebastian Inlet, South & North Jetty
Sebastian South Beach
El Capitana Wreck & Museum
Beach Access
Wabasso Beach
Sea Grape Beach Access
Turtle Trail Beach Access
Tracking Station
Vero Beach Inn & Pier
Jaycee Beach
Conn Beach
Breconshire Wreck
Humiston Park
1715 Wreck Site
South Beach
Round Island Beach

For Lauderdale it looks fabulous if you are fortunate to head down that way. The 9th-11th is showing flat with flat to one foot swells all this week.
Have fun, be safe and do yourself a favor and get in the water!

The surf remains down for the region today with only minor trade windswell dribble in the water. Winds are light offshore for the morning, switching to more easterly into the afternoon.

Upwelling: The past few days of southerly winds has produced upwelling as observed on the Ft. Pierce buoy. The water temperature at this buoy dropped ten degrees on Tuesday. This cooler water has filtered in to the south beaches but it is around 75 degrees so not too bad but noticeable.

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2 Responses to Shore diving this week in Florida

  1. Versipelis says:

    How did the Rio Mar/Pepper Park trip turn out?

    • I heard great things about it all week, clear viz up till yesterday. I myself did not go. Burned out and took the time to sit and relax. Way too much working lately for me.

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