Clear Viz reports for Vero Beach & Pepper Park

The dive gods are still with us here on the central east shore of Florida.  Unfortunately I am still stuck to the store doing a store flip but I received two emails in the last 48 hours stating that Rio Mar and Pepper Park viz is good and conditions are flat, flat, flat.

This was my goal, clear open lines of communication for shore divers over here so we can all keep in the know and know the perfect times to call out sick!

Thanks and keep those emails coming!  Appears to be looking good till Thursday for Vero, On Friday expect things to kick up a bit.

For Fort Pierce, things are going to kick up midday Thursday.

Should I take the day to dive tomorrow…note to self, bring home bottle of rum and ply Rich with it tonight and “discuss” taking the day off.

Air & Sea temp 84 degrees


Flat – Knee High

6mph Gentle, Cross/Onshore

Primary Swell
1.2ft at 9s80.07°
Secondary Swell
0.7ft at 3s

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