Mini Lobster Season conditions reports, shark alerts & updates

Ok kids….we are t minus 60 hours or so and counting till mini lobster season.

Life happens all to often and puts things out of our control.  I have some changes in what I will be doing due to staffing issues and having to be somewhere 8 am Thurs morning.

I am hoping to be in LBTS late Tues, stay overnight and head back for appointment.  With my fingers crossed I am being the eternal optimist and hoping that with the good karma I am due, that I may be able to get there possibly Monday by 9pm.  If I am unable to drive down then I will be in Vero, Wabasso and Pepper Park.

This is the inaugural Lauderdale by the Sea BUGFEST. Mini lobster season is 12:01 am Wednesday July 25th to 11:59pm Thursday July 26th for 2012. Double the lobster bag limits.

be sure top get booked with Gold Coast Scuba for events you want to do.  Some are filling up fast.  You get the cool T-shirt and there are plenty of prizes for a meesly $10 entry.  I just spoke with Steve and Brian and they are looking to be open 24 hours a day during mini season so you can get your fix and bag your limits.

Click here for full event details with all the latest changes.

Gold Coast Scuba

259 Commercial Blvd
Suite 2

Lauderdale By The Sea, FL 33308

Tel (954) 616-5909

If you are diving Vero area, hit up the Vero Beach Scuba club on facebook.  Paul (sheeper on scubaboard) has events listed there.

So for weather updates:

Vero Beach: It is chopping up a bit.  I was down yesterday and it looked blue and not too bad.  You could see reefs from the shore.  There was a shark alert at Pepper Park and water was cleared with copter and sheriff boat keeping people out of water.  Winds will drop mid day Weds the 25th along with the waves.  Thurs- Say 1-2 foot swells with mild winds and Sunday – Tuesday (29th-31st) appears to be flattening out which should make it good for the start of real season.

Lauderdale by the sea:  It is pouring today.  You have 2-4 foot swells till Tuesday and winds remarkably higher than in Vero with 20 plus mph.  Supposed to be calming down mid Tuesday to a foot with winds dropping to 10mph.  Wednesday is looking great!  0-1 foot with 8-12 mph winds for  Weds & Thursday and Fri till the 31st is is gonna be FLAT!  setting up with nice conditions for start of season.

You need to make sure you have the following:

  • license – FWC will be monitoring the coast, I can promise you that
  • tickle stick
  • catch net
  • lasso
  • all equipment serviced
  • hotels booked
  • cooler full
  • if diving LBTS and not staying at the Villa Caprice, make sure you have rolls of quarters for meters.
  • Remember to hydrate will the day before.

Be safe, have fun, and good luck getting your daily limits.

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2 Responses to Mini Lobster Season conditions reports, shark alerts & updates

  1. Rob says:

    I went diving at riomar and round island this past weekend 7/21/12, and although the weather was nice, the seas were about 2 feet with very light chop, the visibility was shot. It may have been 3-5 feet. My question to you is, is there any good way to judge how the visibility will be for a beach dive? Do the tides have any effect? I’ve been told that the best visibility is when the tides coming in and high slack tide is also good. I’d love to be further educated so I can plan my trips to fort pierce and veto beach more effectively, and to further my knowledge. Thank you for your time, it is much appreciated.

    • there are a couple ways, look under my weather conditions section on top menu. Use those websites to determine wind, swells, storms ect.
      You can also read my posts. See where I am diving. If it is crap viz in Vero area you will not find me in water here. I generally post condition predictions at least once a week. read those posts.
      Become part of our shore diver network, that means report what you see here. I have a core group of divers who we all share info on conditions with. This is old and new divers. Otherwise, feel free to email me. It is my main diving season. If you can’t see wheer I am diving, chances are condtions are bad. I look at forecasts every day and can see about a week and half out. Other than that, it is hard for me to break it down for you step by step on how to interpret. there are so many factors. Also use your LDS and call them. A lot of times here in Vero I am telling them what shore conditions are like and then they share with others. Good luck

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