Where I am shore diving this next week and half

Checklist to bag bugs off shore diving:

  • Car rental
  • hotel reservation
  • lobster license
  • drivers license
  • credit card & cash
  • tickle stick, lobster bag, lobster net, measuring gauge
  • cooler full
  • dive gear
  • extra tank reserved at Gold Coast Scuba
  • bathing suits
  • staff working

Ok I have kept on top of the conditions for mini season and start of season.  The most recent update:

Vero area is still 2-3 foot swells today making viz probably pretty much nonexistent.  It is going to be 1-2 feet swells till Sunday.  Sunday and Monday 1 foot swells and Tues- Weds and Thurs at start of season flat to one foot.

What does this mean, viz is really not going to be great before next Monday.  It does however look like start of regular season will be good with a few flat days before.

I am heading to Lauderdale by the Sea at about 3am this morning and staying till Friday.  I will be in Vero, Pepper Park area and Wabasso again for start of regular season off next Wednesday.

Lauderdale by the Sea conditions:  pristine, flat under 1 foot, super nice all the way until 8/2.  winds 8-12 mph.  Need I say more?

BTW, you need to book by midnight tonight for the lobster contest online at goldcoastscuba.net  $15, free t-shirt, lots of prizes.  You can sign your waiver when you get there.

I just watched a group come out from the windjammer cam

easy exit, not choppy, looks a little overcast

again good luck and I will see you on the flip side!



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