Clear Viz alerts

I have been out of the water for a week or so but have been getting some emails asking for viz reports.

update….Saturday(8/18) is stormy, thunderstorms and very wet!

update 8/20 winds and water will be chopping up late Friday with waves getting to 5-7 feet Sunday for Fort Pierce winds at 20-36 mph through till Monday (8/27) due to some tropical activity coming our way in the Atlantic.  does appear to be flattening out late Tues and Weds (8/28-8/29).  conditions will be starting earlier Friday for Vero Beach and will be a tad worse off than Pepper Park as usual.

For Fort Pierce/Pepper Park area, looks good today, a slight pick up of 1-2 feet for Sat and Sunday.  Winds are pretty much under 10 mph all the way out to next Friday.  Some midday thunderstorms for Monday and Tuesday.  Tail end of next week if shaping up nicely and I would recommend some down under time.

Vero Beach/Wabasso area is looking even better!  A bit choppier for shore dives Sat, Sun and Tuesday bit still 1-2 feet.  I was down at Ocean Grille/ Mulligan area last night from 3-9 and it was flat, water looked inviting and I could see the reef system.  Winds are calmer under 7 mph picking up slightly Friday to 8mph. Storms expected midday Mon & Tuesday.  I will be down at Friday fest on Friday and it looks to be a nice day all day.  Feel free to join me for Farmer’s market at 11am!

Lauderdale by the Sea looks incredible flat – 1 feet all the way out till 8/26.  I wonder if I can fit it in anywhere.  I would think of booking a 2 day get away if you are a Central Florida diver looking for a little mini reprieve.  Gentle on shore winds most of the week with small crossshore late afternoons.

I am throwing in Sebastian beach area:  It is looking pretty calm 1-2 feet only.  I may try to do some sites up there closer to home if I can’t get away.  Mild winds midweek and it picks up again towards the tail end of the week.

If anyone does a shore dive and has a report, please send in comment section and I will share.

Happy hunting!

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